USA, Utah: New Poll Shows Citizens Equally Split on Marriage Equality

Written by scott on January 15th, 2014

titleA new poll commissioned by the Salt Lake Tribune shows a huge increase in marriage equality support in Utah.

Pink News reports:

Residents of the US state of Utah are evenly split on whether same-sex marriage should be legal or not, according to a new poll. The Salt Lake Tribune-commissioned poll found that the state was evenly split on same-sex marriage, but that residents of the state felt strongly that same-sex couples should be allowed civil unions. The poll of 600 respondents showed that 48% of Utah residents supported same-sex marriage, while 48% opposed. A much larger 72%, however said they believed same-sex couples should be allowed to have domestic partnerships or civil unions.

The fact that we’ve almost reached majority support for marriage equality in Utah, Mormon-controlled Utah, is simply amazing.

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