Discredited Regnerus Study Was Facilitated by the Heritage Foundation

Written by scott on February 23rd, 2014

Mark RegnerusThe “Regnerus Study” that right wing groups are using to beat up LGBT groups and marriage equality legislation around the country was facilitated by the right-wing Heritage Foundation.

The New York Times reports:

In meetings hosted by the Heritage Foundation in Washington in late 2010, opponents of same-sex marriage discussed the urgent need to generate new studies on family structures and children, according to recent pretrial depositions of two witnesses in the Michigan trial and other participants. One result was the marshaling of $785,000 for a large-scale study by Mark Regnerus, a meeting participant and a sociologist at the University of Texas who will testify in Michigan. The trial involves a challenge to Michigan’s constitutional restriction of marriage to a union between a man and a woman, brought by a lesbian couple who want to marry and legally adopt each other’s children. This time, four social science researchers, all of whom attended at least one of the Heritage Foundation meetings and went on to publish new reports, are scheduled to testify in favor of Michigan’s ban.

Have we mentioned that the “study” has been widely discredited?

But professional rejections of Dr. Regnerus’s conclusions were swift and severe. In a friend-of-the-court brief to the Supreme Court last year in two same-sex marriage cases, a report by the 14,000-member American Sociological Association noted that more than half the subjects whom Dr. Regnerus had described as children of “lesbian mothers” and “gay fathers” were the offspring of failed opposite-sex marriages in which a parent later engaged in same-sex behavior, and that many others never lived with same-sex parents. “If any conclusion can be reached from Regnerus’s study,” the association said, “it is that family stability is predictive of child well-being.”

Nevertheless, it continues to rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes. Or should that be zombie-like? They knew what they wanted, and went out and bought a fake study that said that gays were bad parents. And shame on Social Science Research for publishing it.

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