Ireland: New Poll Shows 76% Support Marriage Equality

Written by scott on February 21st, 2014

titleTruly amazing – a new poll shows an astonishing level of support for gay marriage in Ireland.

Pink News reports:

According to a recent Red C poll for Irish broadcasters RTE, 76% of people in the Irish Republic believe that marriages between same-sex couples should be legally recognized. The poll was published in the same week that Graham Norton slammed RTE for paying [euro]85,000 in damages to a Catholic anti-gay marriage group. Around 5% of voters were undecided on the issue and only 19% opposed the law reform.

Only 19% opposed – how is it that Ireland doesn’t already have marriage equality???

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  1. Arnie Kappeler says:

    A country with historically severe divisions on religion and independence, but only a small fraction oppose marriage equality. Pretty darn evolved.

  2. Stephen Herman says:

    So why don’t they vote to legalize gay marriage? What is the hang up?

  3. Matt227 says:

    It’s in the constitution if Ireland. It must’ve undone by referend next year. Germany has similar support but blocked by right wing government.

  4. Matt227 says:

    Sorry for the grammar. Autocorrect…

  5. Troll from America says:

    I went to Ireland once, the first couple of days there I thought they were cold and rude. Then I was told I had to start up the convervsation, well, I did and I discovered that they were super warm and wonderful. A couple of times they said they were smart. All of that is true. I am going back!

  6. Vito Marzano says:

    Their constitution is worded that only allows for man-woman marriage. They had a constitutional review and decided to introduce a referendum for 2015 to amend their constitution and allow equal marriage. This is major as then equal marriage is enshrined in their constitution. They have had Civil Partnerships since 2010 that affords many of the same rights as marriage.

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