Written by scott on February 7th, 2014

Seriously?Here’s the the latest in our ongoing series of some of the crazy things the anti-gay, anti-marriage equality folks are saying and doing around the world.

Those Dangerous,Vicious Gays
Apparently it’s the gays who are dangerous and vicious, not the folks promoting anti-gay bigotry. At least that’s what Ireland’s Senator Jim Walsh thinks. Guess he hasn’t seen some of the vicious things gay marriage opponents have been saying about the gays in Ireland. And the UK. And France. And California. And Australia. And… the list goes on.
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There’s Still Time to Ban Gay Marriage In All 50 States
Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, the one who thought it was ok to have the 10 commandments on display at the state Supreme Court, wants all 50 states to pass an anti gay marriage amendment. Guess he didn’t see the news about the 17 states that have already legalized it? Since you need 38 states, he’s a bit short on the math…
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Hellish Activity is Intensifying
So says evangelist Franklin Graham (yes, those Grahams), when he contends that it’s Satan behind the push for marriage equality. Wasn’t there something in the bible about not recognizing the form the antichrist would take? Maybe he’s really working through the hate-spewing folks who use any lie at their disposal to keep their fellow citizens down.
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He’s Making a List (of Gays), and Checking it Twice
Melanie Nathan reports that the country’s Cabinet Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Simon Lokodo, has a list of gays he’s ready to sweep up if the President signs the Kill the Gays bill that’s on his desk. Let’s see, didn’t the Nazis keep such a list?
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Girl Scouts Are Liberal Pagan Gay Lovers
So don’t by their cookies. That’s the advice of AFA president Tim Wildmon. But they’re so delicious – how can you resist? Now I have to buy a couple extra boxes. Damn you, Mr. Wildmon!
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Gay Marriage Supporters Can’t Tell the Front of the Body From the Back
Virginia Del. Bob Marshall thinks that gay rights supporters don’t know which side of the body is which, apparently, and that they think “sodomy is a predicate for marriage.” It’s always about gay sex for these people. Mr. Marshall, I think thou dost protest too much.
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Married Gay People Don’t Stretch Each Other
The latest rationale for so called “traditional marriage” comes from a UCC Pastor in Oklahoma who is leaving his church over a disagreement on marriage equality. Because his wife has “challenged me, stretched me”. And because all gay people are exactly the same, they can’t stretch one another mentally or emotionally. Remember when they used to say all black people were the same? And it wasn’t a compliment.
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