USA, Arizona: Will She or Won’t She?

Written by scott on February 24th, 2014

Arizona Governor Jan BrewerArizona Governor Jan Brewer has the reputation of the entire state of Arizona in her hands. Will she or won’t she sign the Right to Discriminate bill?

Gay Star News reports:

‘You know, the bill is in transmittal and I don’t have to make a decision until next Friday so I’ve got plenty of time,’ Jan Brewer said, on 22 February, as reported by ABC News…. Brewer, also a Republican, told reporters she needed to study the bill first. ‘I need to explore it,’ she said.

More and more public figures are lining up against the bill. Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild (D) draws a parallel to the whites-only laws in the South.

Joe.My.God reports:

Discrimination by private businesses led to some of the most noteworthy moments of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was targeted at the Montgomery Bus Lines, sparked by the arrest of Rosa Parks for refusing to move to the back of the bus. Civil rights activists who claimed white-only lunch counters as their own were subject to arrest, beatings and worse. I have spent a great deal of time in Mexico working to undo damage done by SB 1070 to our state’s ability to benefit from trade with one of the world’s emerging economies. I remember the fallout from Arizona’s long delay in passing a Martin Luther King Holiday. SB 1062 and HB 2153 are not only offensive, but if signed into law, will cause our state and our region significant economic harm. I ask our governor in the strongest possible terms to veto this legislation, and I urge Tucsonans to contact her with that request as well.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton (D) also spoke out.

On Top Magazine reports:

“It would put a national and international spotlight on Arizona in a way that’s uphelpful to our economy,” Stanton told gay glossy The Advocate. “It’s the wrong direction to go. The city I lead is a very open city, and we love our diversity,” Stanton said of Phoenix, which has an ordinance prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Even some in the GOP are questioning the bill. Mesa Mayor Scott Smith (R), also a gubernatorial candidate, things SB 1062 is bigotry, pure and simple.

Joe.My.God reports:

“As a Christian conservative, I am very troubled that religious rights are being trampled as part of the current debate on changes in our society. But I am also a member of a church that has experienced severe persecution because of its beliefs. I firmly believe that discrimination or bigotry in any form is unacceptable. I am concerned that SB1062 carries real potential for unintended legal consequences that could negatively impact our most basic rights, including the freedom of religion. This bill could have a detrimental impact on Arizona’s business environment at a time when our economy is still fragile. Our state must keep focused on creating jobs and building a strong future for our children.”

Even one GOP Senator, state Sen. Steve Pierce, who voted for the bill is now backtracking.

Joe.My.God reports:

“I don’t like the negative picture of Arizona, and I’m on board asking the governor to veto the bill. To say (the bill is) anti-gay is following the feeding frenzy. I have friends that are gay and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt them. This is blown way out of proportion and it’s too bad.”

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce also opposes the bill.

Joe.My.God reports:

The Chamber tweeted: “We join with @phxchamber Greater Phx Leadership and S. Ariz. leadership in requesting veto of SB1062. Official statement tomorrow.”

Star Trek actor (and openly gay) George Takei released his own statement on the bill.

LGBTQ Nation reports:

“The law is breathtaking in its scope. It gives bigotry against us gays and lesbians a powerful and unprecedented weapon. But your mean-spirited representatives and senators know this. They also know that it is going to be struck down eventually by the courts. But they passed it anyway, just to make their hateful opinion of us crystal clear. So let me make mine just as clear. If your Governor Jan Brewer signs this repugnant bill into law, make no mistake. We will not come. We will not spend. And we will urge everyone we know–from large corporations to small families on vacation–to boycott. Because you don’t deserve our dollars. Not one red cent.”

And gay actor Harvey Fierstein chimes in.

Queerty reports:

“Sometimes I am left dumbfounded by the stupidity of politicians and their citizens. One would have thought that Arizona learned its lesson years ago when they passed horrific laws discriminating against their Hispanic community. They lost tourism, and population and the respect of the nation… Well, they are at it again with what they are calling a “Religious Freedom” law that is actually a law that would make discriminating against the gay community lawful. A policeman could say that his religion bans contact with homosexuals and just leave a victim to die. Doctors could refuse service to the LGBT community. A bus driver could throw you off the bus because his bible doesn’t accept homosexuality…It’s the MOST ABSURD AND HATEFUL LAW that anyone has crafted since… I don’t know… maybe the DOM laws? I hope their Governor turns her back on this hatred. If not… oh, my children, if not… We are going to have a lot of fun suing them down to bankruptcy!!!! I’m already looking up flights.”

The bill should hit Brewer’s desk today.

Edge Boston reports:

The Arizona Senate is expected to send a bill allowing business owners with strongly held religious beliefs to refuse service to gays to Gov. Jan Brewer as early as Monday. That action will start a five-day clock for the Republican governor to act on a proposed law she herself calls controversial.

And former Bush strategist Matthew Dowd puts his money on Brewer vetoing the bill. reports:

“I think, in the end, Gov. Brewer is probably going to veto this because it seems like an easy veto for her to do because of everything that’s going in the business economy there. This is one of those problems when people use religion as a way to sort of enforce discriminatory practices. People used religion back in the 1860s when they defended slavery. They used religion to defend slavery. We’ve used religion to go to war. People have criticized Islam because they use religion to fight people and kill people. This is the problem with that. In the end I think she vetoes it because there’s no way this can survive.”

So will she or won’t she?

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