USA, Maine: Legislature Shoots Down “Right to Discriminate” Bill

Written by scott on February 21st, 2014

Maine MapAnother state has abandoned an effort to enshrine discrimination against same sex couples in its laws.

Dot429 reports:

On February 20 the Maine House rejected a Republican-sponsored bill that would have allowed anti-gay discrimination in the state under the claim of remaining sincere to one’s religious beliefs. Instead, the proposed bill reached its end (at least for now) with a count of 89-52.

The proposed legislation, LD1428, “would carve out an exception for religious beliefs in the state’s non-discrimination laws, such as the Maine’s Human Rights Act,” said Maine’s Speaker of the House, Mark Eves, in a published statement. Eves added that it “would undercut human rights protections and women’s rights by creating a loophole in the state’s strong non-discrimination laws.” The House’s denial of the bill follows a week behind a similar decision in the Senate.

So that’s Idaho, Kansas, Maine, South Dakota, and Tennessee all shot down. Only Arizona seems to be pressing ahead at this time. And of course, they’re trying to get something similar on the ballot in Oregon.

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