USA, Ohio: Marriage Equality Support Reaches 50%

Written by scott on February 24th, 2014

titleSupport for marriage equality in Ohio has reached a new high, a Quinnipac poll shows.

The Columbus Dispatch reports:

For the first time, support for gay marriage in Ohio has reached the 50 percent threshold in the Quinnipiac Poll, a new survey released today shows. Led by support among young voters, exactly half of Ohioans back same-sex marriage, compared to 44 percent who oppose it. The new findings, which mirror public opinion shifts across the nation, represent a reversal since December of 2012, when 47 percent of Ohioans opposed gay marriage and 45 percent supported it. The change comes almost entirely from independent voters; Democrats support and Republicans oppose gay marriage by about the same percentages as before.

The new polling comes as activists work to get the issue on the ballot in 2014 or 2016. 50% is still a mighty thin margin, but I’ll bet this year’s 50% is a lot stronger than the same percentage in 2008 – voters are less easily swayed against it now, I think. Do y’all agree?

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