Ethiopia: Next African Country to Pass Anti Gay Law?

Written by scott on March 22nd, 2014

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Ethiopia may join Uganda and Nigeria in passing an anti-gay law this year.

LGBT Weekly reports: is reporting that Ethiopia, the most populous landlocked nation in the world with 93 million people, has created legislation that would make same-sex acts an unpardonable offense. “Ethiopia’s Council of Ministers last week endorsed the measure that would amend the country’s Pardon and Amnesty Law that lists homosexuality along with other offenses as a non-pardonable. The act, which is widely expected to pass and be signed into law, would add same-sex acts to a list of other punishable offenses including rape, human trafficking, terrorism, corruption and smuggling. Currently, Ethiopia, located on the horn of Africa, sentences same-sex acts, which are illegal, with up to 15 years in prison. But this new measure would reinforce what is already an extremely dangerous environment for the LGBT community.

It’s apparently much easier to bash the gays then to deal with the real issues facing your country.

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  1. Ali says:

    Homosexuality was never legal until Melelas Zenawi got to power. Melelas Zenawi’s adminstration gave homosexuality a blind eye because many in the adminstration and famous investors were engaging in homosexuality acts. When the Addis Ababa Commercial College student council confronted city officials in the 1990’s the officials replied there is noway to proove if anyone engages in homosexuality act that’s why the law was not enforced while the truth is the officials were bribed by billionaires and powerful policians to look the other way while starving college students were being pimped by their educators into self degrading acts , khat chewing , drinking and homosexuality.It is true any entity can have hard time proof anyone engages in homosexual act without having reliable undercover agents willing to take the task, even with undercover agents the courts will need some kind of scientific proof.Ethiopia have lame scientific forensic labs to come up with proofs. Unless the Meles Zenawi foundation delivers a modern crime investigation lab as it promised Ethiopia will continue being a country with citizens above the law or need to send evidences to foreign countries to be processed.

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