Gibraltar: Territory Passes Civil Partnerships Bill

Written by scott on March 22nd, 2014


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Same sex couples in the tiny island territory of Gibraltar can now form civil partnerships.

On Top Magazine reports:

Lawmakers in Gibraltar have approved a bill that recognizes gay and lesbian couples with civil partnerships. The 2.3 square mile island off the coast of Spain is home to almost 30,000 citizens; its Rock of Gibraltar is a major tourist destination. Gay and straight couples may enter a civil partnership, which provides many of the benefits and obligations of marriage, including the right to adopt.

It’s an important step for the island’s LGBT community. Next up, marriage equality???

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  1. Robin says:

    It was approved unanimously. I don’t understand why they didn’t go for marriage equality, with Spain and Britain already having done so.

  2. First some comments on the report and then on Robin’s post:

    1) This law has legalized civil unions for all consenting adult couples, no matter their gender (thus, to same-gender couples also), no matter their sexual orientation, no matter their citizenship, no matter their place of residence.

    2) Civil unions confer all the benefits, entitlements, privileges, protections, and rights that different-gender civil marriage does in Gibraltar.

    3) A minor correction: Gibraltar is a peninsula (please see the photograph).

    4) The bill was approved by all members of Parliament present and voting, but not by all members. Just before the final vote was to take place, one member of Gibraltar’s Parliament (which has 17 members), Peter Caruana, walked out, thus demonstratively signaling that he would not take part.

    The remaining 16 members all voted for the bill.

    On why Caruana refused to vote and why, if civil unions now confer everything that civil marriage does, Parliament did not legalize gender-neutral civil marriage, please see “Report 8 – Gibraltar is the first British Overseas Territory and the third Mediterranean jurisdiction (after Spain and France) to legalize gender-neutral civil marriage (though it has done so under a slightly different name: civil partnerships)” in “Equal Human Rights and Civil Rights for All Persons, No Matter Their Gender, No Matter Their Sexual Orientation: A Newsletter” (

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