USA, Kentucky: Marriage Equality Order Delayed 21 Days

Written by scott on March 1st, 2014

KentuckyThe judge in the Kentucky marriage equality case has given the state 21 days to figure out how to implement his order.

Equality on Trial reports:

“…the court has granted a 21-day stay of its order requiring Kentucky to recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. This week, the state requested a 90-day stay, suggesting that the additional time “will give Defendants time to determine if they will appeal the order, and the Executive Branch time to determine what actions must be taken to implement this Court’s Order if no appeal is taken.”. The judge’s order granting the stay notes that “the state merely asks for reasonable time to implement the Order. The Court concludes that a limited stay allows the state proper time to administratively prepare for compliance with the Order.” The opinion says it was unclear why 90 days were needed for that purpose. The state will have until March 20 to implement its order requiring recognition of same-sex marriages performed outside of Kentucky.

In related news, new plaintiffs added to the case have resulted in a name change:

First, with the addition of new plaintiffs in the case asking the district court judge to invalidate Kentucky’s ban on same-sex marriages, the case has been re-titled Love v. Beshear. One new plaintiff is named Timothy Love.

How perfect is that?

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