New Voices for Marriage Equality: Alan Simpson and LBJ’s Daughters

Written by scott on April 8th, 2014

LBJ Daughters

Image via Yahoo News

A couple new surprising endorsements for marriage equality in the US this week.

First off, former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson:

“Speaking as a conservative, a lifelong Republican, and a son of the West, Senator Simpson talks of his values of freedom and limited government and the joy of marriage,” said Evan Wolfson, president of Freedom to Marry. “The ad shows the bipartisan momentum for the freedom to marry. And recent rulings against marriage discrimination by nine out of nine federal district judges show the legal trajectory of our campaign: toward more freedom, more dignity, and more families enjoying equality under the law.”

And a former US President’s daughters think he would have been supportive.

The Advocate reports:

It’s impossible to say how the late president Lyndon B. Johnson would feel about marriage equality — but his daughters suspect he would be for it, they told Katie Couric in a recent interview for Yahoo! News.

“I think my father felt very strongly that when there was bigotry anywhere, prejudice anywhere, all of us lose out,” said Luci Baines Johnson. “Because it’s just one more expression of hate.”

Added her sister, Lynda Bird Johnson Robb: “It’s hard to project what Daddy would have thought about that because that wasn’t an issue that had come upon the States at that time. But I know he really wanted everybody to be able to live up to the best that God gave them.”

Two more steps toward full equality.

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