Single in the Age of Marriage Equality

Written by scott on April 21st, 2014

Gay WeddingWhat good is being gay when you have no one to love? What good is same-sex marriage when you’re single?

During the periods when I was single, I watched a lot of films, at home, alone. The selection process had to be very cautious. Romance was out. Drama too, as my emotions were too raw after breakups. Suspense and mystery were iffy; I’m more easily spooked when I don’t have someone to protect. Sci-fi creeped me out. Comedy was about the only choice left.

Silly me: I confused animated films with comedies. Despite Eddie Murphy’s excellent donkey portrayal, “Shrek” was not a good choice. Even a big green ogre with funny ears had someone to love! The poor-me’s took over that night and afterwards I went back to the likes of Jackie Chan and “Men in Black.” Goddess willing and the creek don’t rise, I won’t ever be single again. I’m not sure I could survive all the great news about winning our rights to marry.

Authored By Lee Lynch – See the Full Story at LGBTQ Nation

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