USA, Minnesota: 47% Support Marriage Equality, Poll Says

Written by scott on April 16th, 2014

titleA new KSTP/SurveyUSA shows marriage equality support in Minnesota at 47%.

On Top Magazine reports:

A KSTP/SurveyUSA poll published last April showed majority (51%) support for allowing gay couples to marry, with 47 percent opposed. According to the latest poll, support has dropped 4 points to 47 percent. Opposition fell from 47 to 45 percent. “This issue has not gone away,” Larry Jacobs of the University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute told KSTP. “Voters may have a verdict to make come November.” Pollsters recorded slight decreases in support among Democrats (down 1% from 66%), Republicans (down 2% from 27%) and independents (down 6% from 53%).

But take that “drop” with a grain of salt. The last three polls we have record of show 38% support (3/13); 51% (4/13), and 46% (6/13) – average those out, and you have 45% support, which would make the new poll show an actual increase in support of 2%.

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