Written by scott on May 7th, 2014

Seriously?Here’s the the latest in our ongoing series of some of the crazy things the anti-gay, anti-marriage equality folks are saying and doing around the world.

Gay Activists Are Re-engineering America
The anti-gay Coalition of African American Pastors says in a leaflet that “it (homosexuality) is attempting to unravel the foundations of the family. We are up against those who are committed to altering our society, and who will ultimately destroy it. America as we know it is disappearing” under a “tide of debauchery”. If the America you “know” is one that illegally discriminates against gay and lesbian couples, then let it change. And if by “tide of debauchery”, you mean married same sex couples paying taxes, doing the laundry and watching TV on the couch together at night, then I’m right there with you – there is a tide of “debauchery” sweeping the nation.
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If We Can’t Win at Home, We’ll Take Our Hatred Abroad
Jennifer Roback Mors and Pastor Jim Garlow, two Prop 8 advocates, have seen the writing on the wall – marriage equality is winning in the US. So what’s a poor Prop 8 defender supposed to do? Take the show on the road, of course – to Singapore. The two travelled there to lend their support to a push to criminalize homosexuality. Apparently anti-gay attitudes are one of our biggest exports in the US these days…
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Let’s Celebrate Our Hatred for the Gays
“Return America” plans a second anniversary “celebration” tomorrow of the passage of North Carolina’s marriage equality ban. “Sixty-one percent of North Carolinians went on record supporting the Marriage Amendment. Most importantly, sixty-one percent of North Carolinians went on record supporting Biblical Marriage.” I guess that’s because they don’t have anything more recent to celebrate?
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Guardrails Through the Canyons of Life
God really wants you to enjoy life, but only of you steer clear of the whole gay thing. So says Pastor Shane Idleman of Westside Christian Fellowship Church: “No matter how many laws are passed in favor of same-sex marriage, it will not change God’s mind. His principles are guardrails through the canyons of life. They don’t prevent us from enjoying life; they protect us from falling.” Because, and never forget this, being gay is a horrible nasty awful sin, and God will never love you if you are openly gay. Where do these people learn to hate others like this? The Jesus I learned about in Sunday School always advocated love over hate.
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Is it OK to Sleep in Bed With Feces?
South Dakota House Member Steve Hickey is back in our pages – you may remember the other day when he said the anus was a “one way alley for the garbage truck.” In his latest attempt to clarify those comments, he says: “Here’s what I’d like to ask [a doctor]: Do you tell your patients to wash their hands before they eat? Why? Because you touch a doorknob and you don’t want to get it inside your body. But … is it okay for eight of your friends that you’re in love with to take a dump in your bed and you can sleep it in all year long?” Because, apparently, he things that a) gay men are all promiscuous, that b) only gay men have anal sex, never straight people, and c) that gay me never wash their sheets. And all this has what to do with marriage equality, exactly???
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