Colorado Marriage Equality Gets Boost From Gay Lawmakers

Written by scott on July 4th, 2014

Colorado Governor John HickenlooperWhile Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper, Republican Attorney General John Suthers, and county clerks in Denver and Jefferson counties are asking for an immediate ruling overturning the ban on Colorado marriage equality followed by a stay, gay lawmakers want something a little different.

CBS Local reports:

“There’s nothing left to argue about. It’s time to put a court-order in place enjoining the enforcement of our ban in Colorado. Let people be married and move on with their lives,” said Democratic Sen. Pat Steadman, a state budget writer and one of five gay lawmakers who called for a quick — and final — court ruling… The longer we delay, the more we say, ‘Oh, let’s hold our breath. Maybe something will happen differently.’ The more we put ourselves in that position of delaying justice, which is really denying justice,” he said. “And as I’ve pointed out, and I can speak from personal experience, not everyone can afford to wait.”

Hickenlooper et al appear to be trying to head off a state court ruling, which could lead to a much more immediate Colorado Supreme Court ruling. why is Hickenlooper going along with this?

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