Did Hobby Lobby Discriminate Against This Transgender Woman?

Written by scott on July 9th, 2014

Meggan SommervilleAnd will the US Supreme Court let them use religion to get away with it?

The Advocate reports:

…one employee of the craft-store chain says she’s regularly experienced antitrans prejudice for the past three years. Meggan Sommerville, a transgender frame shop manager who has worked at Hobby Lobby’s Aurora, Ill., location for 16 years, first filed a complaint against the store in 2011 when, she says, management wrote her up for using the women’s restroom. Her complaint alleging discrimination in employment and public accomodations was initially dismissed and then reinstated, and is still pending with the Illinois Department of Human Rights, reports GLAAD.

Although the company recognizes Sommerville as a woman, she is still required to use the men’s bathroom until she has gender reassignment surgery. If the company can deny you birth control, can they also make you have a surgical procedure to suit their religious bias?

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