Marriage Equality Round-Up 7/23/14

Written by scott on July 23rd, 2014

Gay Wedding - RingsHere’s our daily quick round-up of the marriage equality and LGBT rights stories that don’t warrant a full posting on the blog, or that we just didn’t have time to add. We’re able to get more news and analysis to you this way every day – enjoy!

Worldwide: Lisa L. Spangenberg looks at the real history of marriage, and debunks a few myths. full story

Worldwide: Gaymers celebrated Final Fantasy XIV’s newfound marriage equality with an online pride parade. full story

USA: ExxonMobil announced that it will comply with President Obama’s new executive order requiring federal contractors not to discriminate against LGBT workers. full story

Europe: An Advocate General of the European Court of Justice issued an opinion saying that people have the right to define their own sexual orientation when asking for asylum instead of being forced to “prove” it. full story

Malaysia: Penang Freedom to Love is asking the National Unity Consultative Council to continue supporting a proposed anti-discrimination law. full story

Russia: A Russian court in St. Petersburg has ruled that a local LGBT group ism a “foreign agent.” full story

USA: Actress Susan Sarandon has joined HRC’s group Americans for Marriage Equality. full story

USA: HRC is calling for stronger protections for transgender women. full story

USA, Florida: in preparation for marriage equality in the state, Monroe County (home to Key West) has changed their marriage license forms to accommodate same sex couples. full story

USA, Florida: The town of Miami Shores rejected a resolution supporting marriage equality 3-2. full story

USA, Idaho: A group of LGBT rights activists who blocked the doors to the state house were praised by the judge hearing the case against them, and then ordered to pay the court costs. full story

USA, Indiana: Attorneys for the marriage equality lawsuit plaintiffs are objecting to the state’s request for an en-banc hearing at the seventh circuit. full story

USA, Kentucky: The three judge panel hearing the Kentucky marriage equality case at the 6th Circuit includes two GOP appointees. full story

USA, North Dakota: The attorney representing the plaintiffs in the state’s mariage equality lawsuit is asking the judge to strike down the ban without a hearing. full story


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