US Virgin Islands Marriage Equality Bill Introduced

Written by scott on July 13th, 2014

USVI Senator Judi BuckleyThere’s some surprising movement on US Virgin Islands marriage equality this week. reports:

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The Virgin Islands Daily News reports Senator Judi Buckley of the U.S. Virgin Islands has proposed a new bill that would allow people in the islands’ jurisdiction to marry. Until now there has been now proposal of such kind, but Buckley says this felt like the “right time” to introduce the bill, given the ongoing action on gay marriage in the U.S. The senator states that while she may not be still be in office by the time a decision is made on the bill (her term ends in 2015), she is happy to have started a conversation.

One step forward for equality in the Caribbean.

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  1. The United States Virgin Islands is not the only American jurisdiction in the Caribbean where an effort is underfoot to legalize same-gender civil marriage.

    Five same-gender couples have filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico challenging the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico’s bans and the Governor of Puerto Rico may well decide not to defend the bans (he is a supporter of marriage equality and recently aopointed to the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico that court’s first openly gay justice).

    For details, see “Report 43 – The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico: a jurisdiction to watch in 2014 and 2015” in “Equal Human Rights and Civil Rights for All Persons, No Matter Their Gender, No Matter Their Sexual Orientation: A Newsletter” (

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