Australia Marriage Equality Conscience Vote Called Highly Likely

Written by scott on August 2nd, 2014

Sydney, AustraliaIt’s looking like we might get another vote on Australia marriage equality shortly – this time a “conscience vote”.

Pink News reports:

According to lone Liberal Democrat MP David Leyonhjelm, who first announced he would introduced a same-sex marriage bill last month, it is “highly likely” the government will allow MPs a free vote on the issue. Senator Leyonhjelm told the Sydney Morning Herald that he has sped up the process, while he previously only planned to introduce the bill after a conscience vote was secured. He said: “I have heard from Liberal senators that a conscience vote is highly likely.” Despite 72% of Australians supporting marriage equality, with just 21% opposed, Liberal Prime Minister Tony Abbott remains staunchly opposed.

Amazing that a party can oppose something with 72% support. But then again, we see similar things here in the US – look at sensible gun legislation and the GOP.

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  1. Yuuki83 says:

    The same thing here in Germany. Up to 70 % of Germans are for #marriageequality, yet the governing Christian Democratic Union is staunchly opposed to it. Party voter polls show that there is even a majority of CDU voters who are for marriage equality.

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