Marriage Equality Round-Up 9/18/14

Written by scott on September 18th, 2014

Gay Wedding - HandsHere’s our daily quick round-up of the marriage equality and LGBT rights stories that don’t warrant a full posting on the blog, or that we just didn’t have time to add. We’re able to get more news and analysis to you this way every day – enjoy!

Australia: New South Wales became the second state to introduce a bill that would erase convictions for gay sex, after Victoria. full story

Ireland: The Irish government has promised to publish a long-awaited bill recognizing transgender people by the end of this year. full story

Nigeria: Nigerian LGBT rights defenders are awaiting a court decision on the country’s anti-gay law. full story

Puerto Rico: Briefs have been filed in the territory’s marriage equality case. full story

Russia: A new HBO documentary shows what life is like for Russia’s gays. full story

Singapore: Walter Woon, an ex-Atty. Gen. in Singapore, is calling for the repeal of the country’s ban on homosexuality. full story

Taiwan: Democratic Progressive Party legislator Yu Mei-nu has promised to put a marriage equality bill on the legislature’s agenda. full story

USA: Time Magazine’s website has the new Target ad that features a same-sex couple with their son. full story

USA: The Human Rights Campaign is putting the National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown on notice. full story

USA: The anti-gay group Concerned Women for America has filed a brief with the US Supreme Court, claiming that the court should uphold Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage, because gays are not politically powerless. full story

USA: Mary Cheney says the GOP should embrace LGBT rights in order to become the majority party. full story

USA: After meeting with a group of drag queens, Facebook has refused to change its “real names” policy, instead giving them two weeks to get their affairs in order before forcing them to change their pages or deleting them. full story

USA, Florida: An ordinance that would ban discrimination against the counties transgender citizens advanced unattended zero vote this week full story

USA, Indiana: A federal judge has reinstated the plaintiffs’ claim against Gov. Mike pence, saying the Governor had proved that he did have influence over the issue. full story

USA, Maryland: A powerful new art exhibit in Columbia called “Erase Hate Through Art” is taking on hate crimes. full story

USA, Mississippi: Gov. Phil Bryant is intervening in a same-sex divorce case, via the Alliance Defending Freedom anti-gay group. full story

Wisconsin: Jacob Dorsey, the 19-year-old GOP candidate for state assembly, has dropped out of the race after homophobic and racist comments he had made on twitter surfaced. full story

USA, Wisconsin:The ACLU filed a federal lawsuit seeking recognition of more than 500 same-sex marriages performed when the state’s ban was overturned. full story


Marriage Equality USA Launches New Interactive Maps

Written by scott on September 17th, 2014


Knowledge is power! With our new, interactive marriage equality maps, you can instantly find out what you need to know – an overall picture of the movement in addition to court cases, legislation, ballot initiatives and current polling!

Our maps are divided into 5 categories: State of the States (the current status regarding marriage equality for each state); Legislation; Litigation/Lawsuits; Ballot Initiatives; and, Polling. You can download each map, resulting in a clear, attractive PDF.

Did you know that via our State of the States Map, you can find the 10 states that ban marriage equality via the state constitution and also have a state law banning same-sex marriage?

Or, that on our Legislation Map you are able to see see which 7 states legalized marriage equality via state legislation, not the courts or the ballot box.

By using our Litigation/Lawsuits Map, you can find the 4 states with marriage equality cases at the state court level, and each state with a case at the federal level.

On the Ballot Initiatives Map you can locate the state which banned same-sex marriage via a ballot initiative, and which now has an initiative pending to legalize same-sex marriage.

And, our Polling Map shows you the states that are just about to break 50% support for marriage equality! As well as the 1 U.S. Territory with marriage equality polling on record.

Please check out, use and download these new, interactive maps! Send us your input if you are aware of marriage equality data that would be appropriate for our maps, or, if you have specific questions or suggestions, please let us know! Just email

I hope you enjoy perusing our map data – definitely feel free to share this email!


Seriously? What Marriage Equality Opponents Are Saying

Written by scott on September 17th, 2014

Seriously?Here’s the the latest in our ongoing series of some of the crazy things the anti-gay marriage equality opponents are saying and doing around the world.

Gays Are the Worst Creatures, Beheading Terrorists Say

The terrorist organization ISIS just put out a video that goes after gays, lumping them in with drug users and pedophiles:

“If you have family in these kafir [infidel] countries [i.e., countries ruled by non-Muslims], what is gonna happen most probably? You don’t have control of your children. Maybe in some of the countries it is a must for you to put your children in the kafir schools, and who’s gonna teach your children? It’s gonna be maybe a gay, maybe a drug dealer, maybe a pedophile, you know? So it’s very important for you to protect your children from these animals, from these dirty people, Allah says that they are the worst of creatures.”

Being called evil by group like ISIS is almost a compliment – I mean, would you really want to be someone this horrible group actually liked? On the other hand, life must be truly awful for any LGBT people trapped in the territory that ISIS. controls,


full story

Parents Have a Right to Raise Their Kids as Bigots

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity has claimed that parents have a right to teach their kids that being gay is not normal:

“This is my problem with liberals. Here’s where my fear goes. You guys want to tell parents what they can and cannot do – for example is it going to become illegal to teach the politically correct view that being gay is not normal? I think we’ve gotten to the point, if we’re going to politically correct our kids, we might as well hand them over to the government and let them raise them.”

What’s fascinating to me here is that this was apparently a discussion about NFL player Adrian Peterson whipping his child with a stick. And where does Fox News go with it? Straight to gay marriage! I do have to say, though, that Sean Hannity is absolutely right here. Parents do have the right to raise her kids however they want. But society also has the right to treat such open bigotry with disgust. So what will those kids find when they enter the larger world?

full story

Gays and Lesbians Aren’t Real Parents

Ludovine de la Rochere, president of the group La Manif Pour Tous, claims gays and lesbians aren’t really parents:

“Since the adoption of same-sex marriage, there were 721 requests for adoption by homosexual couples. So there will be 721 more orphaned children, in the name of the law!”

In other words, being adopted by a gay or lesbian couple is just the same as being an orphan. This woman would really prefer that these kids be stuck in foster homes or state run homes than with a loving family, just because the family is gay?

full story


Could Tiny Norfolk Island Be Next for Marriage Equality?

Written by scott on September 17th, 2014

Norfolk Island

The self-governing Australian territory us considering a bill to legalize gay marriage.

Gay Star News reports:

At 10.30 today, Sydney time, a bill to create legal same-sex marriages was tabled in the parliamentary Assembly of the autonomous Australian territory of Norfolk Island – putting it on a course to become the first part of Australia where same-sex couples will be able to legally marry. The bill was put forward by Norfolk Island Assembly member Hayden Evans and aims to allow Australian same-sex couples to marry on their home soil rather than having to travel overseas.

‘Over the years, gay and lesbian Norfolk Islanders have made a really important contribution to our community and I want to recognize this by giving them equality and dignity in return,’ Evans said. ‘That’s why I am tabling a draft Bill to allow same-sex couples to commit to each other through marriage and have the same rights and recognition heterosexual couples have. If the bill becomes law it will showcase to the world that Norfolk Island is an accepting and supportive community where everyone is valued.’

Norfolk Island would be the third South Pacific same sex wedding destination, by my calculations, after Hawaii and New Zealand.

Find more articles and gay wedding resources on Norfolk Island.

Image via Apple Maps


Marriage Equality Round-Up 9/16/14

Written by scott on September 17th, 2014

Gay Wedding - HandsHere’s our daily quick round-up of the marriage equality and LGBT rights stories that don’t warrant a full posting on the blog, or that we just didn’t have time to add. We’re able to get more news and analysis to you this way every day – enjoy!

Bangladesh: The country will veto the International Conference on Population and Development proposal to provide rights for gay and lesbian people. full story

Canada: Amateur Hockey is opening its doors to transgender players. full story

Egypt: Police are using Grindr and other gay dating apps to track down and arrest gay men. full story

Italy: Bologna’s Catholic Diocese has denounced the city’s move to recognize same sex marriages. full story

Jamaica:The country’s parliament will consider repealing the anti sodomy law. full story

Kazakhstan: Anti-gay activists are pushing the government to pass an anti-gay propaganda law. full story

United Kingdom: Lord Fowler, a former Conservative Party Chairman and former member of the Thatcher Cabinet, has apologized for section 28, the law that banned the “promotion” of homosexuality in schools. full story

USA: A prominent Ugandan LGBT rights advocate has gained asylum in the US. full story

USA, Arizona: The state will likely be the next with a marriage equality ruling full story

USA, Arkansas: Pulaski County Clerk Larry Crane just announced his support of for marriage equality. full story

USA, Missouri: A new study says marriage equality could add $36 million to the state’s economy. full story

USA, Tennessee: An anti-gay group in Tennessee has bought a billboard that says “You shall not lie with a man as with a woman. It is an abomination. – God. Love the sinner, hate the sin. full story

Tennessee Bilboard

USA, Texas: A group of 60 cops, firefighters, and paramedics submitted an amicus brief in favor of marriage equality in the state. full story

USA, West Virginia: The stay on the overturning of the state’s marriage equality ban has been extended until the US Supreme Court rules on marriage equality. full story

USA, Wyoming:A new study says marriage equality could add $2.4 million to the state’s economy. full story


Supremes May Wait on Marriage Equality if 6th Circuit Supports It, Ginsburg Says

Written by scott on September 16th, 2014

US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader GinsburgJustice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has indicated that the US Supreme Court may wait to wade back into the marriage equality debate unless there’s a disagreement at the Circuit Court Level.

ABC News reports:

Ginsburg said cases pending before the circuit covering Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee would probably play a role in the high court’s timing. She said “there will be some urgency” if that appeals court allows same-sex marriage bans to stand. Such a decision would run contrary to a legal trend favoring gay marriage and force the Supreme Court to step in sooner, she predicted. She said if the appeals panel falls in line with other rulings there is “no need for us to rush.”

If the Court doesn’t take any cases this year, the number of states with marriage equality would almost double very quickly as the circuit court rulings were applied to each state in those circuits. And it’s awfully hard to imagine the Supreme Court turning back marriage equality once it’s legal in 35 out of 50 states.

Find more articles and gay wedding resources.


Conversion Therapy Survivor calls out “Ex-Gay’s” new weapon – Kegan Wesley:

Written by Sean Sala on September 16th, 2014

Sean Sala “God and Gays” with Lisa Ling (Left) “Ex-Gay” Kegan Wesley (Right)



Originally seen on: TALKHILLCREST

Sean Sala a national LGBT policy activist and a survivor of gay reparative therapy who was featured on “God and Gays” with Lisa Ling is speaking out on the pastoral work of Kegan Wesley.


Sala’s open letter to Kegan Wesley is below:

I remember sitting in a church energized, on fire and ready to make a stand for God in my generation. Nothing seemed to be able to stand in my way and I would let nothing alter me from that path.

I also remember sitting in the small chapel at (the former) Christian Life Assembly and weeping – crying out to God from the deepest part of my person, “why am I like this when I don’t want it at all?”

The week prior I had shared my “struggle” with being gay to my youth group. I even told them God had “delivered me.” That following Sunday I was removed from every position of leadership, called a “fag” in front of adults in my church and was systematically forced out of that church for simply sharing the most common thing that I had with other people, that I am a human.

I left Christian Life Assembly and began working under a new youth pastor at an Assemblies of God Church down the road under a pastor who became one of my most dear friends. During those years, I had a very troubled home life.


Many of the affiliates of the now debunked Exodus International and Living Hope Ministries said that my attractions to men were due to my parent’s divorce. The reality was, I grew up with two brothers and a father who was very present in my life. A Christian counselor told me years before I even went to Exodus that “you’re spending too much time with you mother” when she ended up being the bedrock of my family a just, good, righteous woman who put her needs before my own for years.

This was another of many attempts to justify, rationalize or pin-point “some reason” for me being gay. Hell, being young at that age growing up in Dallas, Texas in the midst of the Bible belt,  I too wanted a “way out”!  I would do anything.

Years later, I became a pillar of not only my church but also regionally as the poster-child for youth to “come to Christ.” In high school I dedicated almost 60-hours a week to ministry and by the time I left, I had been a major participant in church and the ministry for almost a decade. I gave my life, and sold out to the Lord.

I began training on “Mega Church/Mega Youth” ministry. I was ready and by the time that I was about to open the door to my “great life” in ministry, I had a realization. One night, I was setting up chairs for a youth service and a voice hit me like a ton of bricks: “Get out of the Church!”


I was stunned. I will never forget that moment.


Before I joined the military, Exodus International’s books had been a pivotal part of my life. I had read the books, participated in the online discussions and finally in a leap of faith, I started to attend counseling sessions with other people who shared a similar struggle. The promotions were flashy, much like your promotions of “Such Were Some Of You.” They branded “Change is possible, I have changed and Christ can set you free.” The shiny glamorous promise was on the outside, but within were men and women who had been in these programs for decades, pouring their money, blood sweat and tears into reparative therapy – to no avail.

I have heard your heartbreaking story of your 10th birthday party. It was similar to the heartbreaking story of Ricky, the “reparative therapy expert,” I was working under in Living Hope. Ricky had shared that his grandfather had molested him for decades which lead to his “confusion,” just like you have stated.

He said he gave his life to Jesus and one day “in the shower” he just realized that he “liked boobs.” On top of that, he wanted to know (especially within the younger group sessions) how many times we masturbated during the week, what we thought about and more prying details that have zero Biblical foundations in the life of Christ.

When I came to a Exodus International I initially met a different affiliate minister to find this group, it was a weird and awkward phone call. I called the number listed on Exodus’ website and explained that I wanted to change, and I was given an address to go to a local Church of Christ in the area and in walked a “delivered” minister (who was, as they say, “gayer than a two-dollar bill”). At this moment I had not yet met Ricky, who was “gay”as well. Much like you try to say that you “used to swish” as if Jesus Christ, who loves humanity, would give a damn if someone “swished their hips” like you “used to.”

How petty we make the message of God’s unconditional love about the outward appearance, huh? How the message of grace has been mired in the works of the flesh. Or is righteousness in God weighed in how good you decorate an apartment? You better hide your feminine traits or the church won’t accept you! That should have been your first red flag.

He explained to me that change was possible; that he and many were “living proof.” When he began to pry into my life he seemed disappointed.

“Do you have a father?”


“Are your family believers?”


Finally after trying and trying again to find “some reason” that I was “struggling” with being gay he said to me, “were you molested as a child?”


My answer was no.


“I think you were… you’re probably suppressing it,” he declared.


Those words were a blatant, desperate and sincere lie. It was told to me over and over again. (See 3:26)

Later on, people like Ricky and others cited my arrogance and my further denial was the full reason why “God would never deliver me.” I knew this was not true. Yet as a young man, all I wanted to do was serve the Lord. I had an incredible relationship with God.


Kegan, I was you.


As I watched you say, “I was not born this way,” I remember saying the same thing. When I watched you saying, “shut up Lady Gaga,” I remember the anger at the world “trying to define me.”


I remember the secret reality of my situation when I stood on stage and spoke to crowds. It was all a lie. (See 2:00)

Kegan, I believe am loved and saved by the same unwavering (emphasis on unwavering) grace and love that you have been saved by. I truly believe from deep within me that you are sincere. I believe that you truly think that you are doing good.


And so did I. But the damage I did was vast.


When you demean the way people “walk and talk” and affiliate that with “being gay” and the need for people to “act one way” and not the other, you are doing irrevocable harm to thousands of youth. Where I once thought I was helping them, I realized that I was damaging every single lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender person coming through the doors of my church – which were supposed to be the doors of grace. Instead, I traded the Gospel of Jesus for cheap behavior modification and rules. You are doing the same.

By insisting that being gay is the same as your addiction to drugs, as much as I sympathize with addiction and those who suffer from it, it has nothing to do with being gay or being molested. In fact, you actually are furthering the social damage of those who are molested. I have met many, including those in my own family, who were subject to molestation and they are straight. The lie that being molested will make you gay is as logical as the debunked groups you affiliate with. I must have missed the piece of Christianity that says “leave your brain at the door.” Your personal addiction is one in billions and the institutions that have told you that you personally define the standard for billions is allowing you a Christianity focused on selfish gain due to your pain. Your story is not special, grace is.

You are preaching this all as if it is new. After decades of abuse from Exodus, after decades of false testimony, after leader, after leader, after leader, has confessed that it was all a lie – I regret to inform you that you are no different. The God that loves us all has not done you a special favor that only you have a key to. He, as confirmed by many, is no respecter of persons.

In its “best intentions,” Exodus International has been responsible for global damage and the furthering of hate of LGBT people. It categorized millions of people like you are doing now. Your story is not a blanket for all. Your story is just one. You say church lead you to Jesus, but I will rejoice in the day that you realize that Jesus lead you to Him. Not a system of religion. Not a Church that says “don’t swish your hips.” The Jesus that broke every gender, social and religious stereotype of His day loves you. He loves the gayest rainbow squeal you make when you hear your favorite pop song – whether you like it or not. There is no shame in who you are friend.

In Christ, I love you brother. I have been in your shoes. Thanks to the grace of God, not the church, He reached into my life and heart and pulled me into a place of hope, restoration and love. Pull back the veil of “Pop Culture Evangelical Machine” and it’s lies and you will find that God loves you the same.

Even after Exodus is gone, in true fashion, the obsessed groups of the same people have reformatted the lie and put you at the forefront. You are nothing but a weapon for behavior modification.

You must say, “but the Bible says…”


I said that once too.


You had no choice in your sexual attractions. We all know that. I am here to say God loves you – your sexuality is a beautiful, wonderful piece of His vast Creation. The road you are on, is a road debunked – from this point on you for one “soul you save” you will turn thousands against innocent LGBT people who love the Lord too.


You had no choice in who you were. Remember though, you have full choice of what you believe. End the damage.


Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 4.24.56 PM




Full videos of “God and Gays” with Lisa Ling: The story of the International lies and take down of the World’s largest Ex-Gay Ministry can be seen here.



Seriously? What Marriage Equality Opponents Are Saying

Written by scott on September 16th, 2014

Seriously?Here’s the the latest in our ongoing series of some of the crazy things the anti-gay marriage equality opponents are saying and doing around the world.

Gay Marriage Supporters Are Like ISIS

Because they will do anything, including beheadings, to get their special rights, say Christian radio hosts Vic Eliason and Mat Staver:

Reacting to a recent court ruling in favour of equal marriage, Staver said: “What we’re seeing is the complete abolition of marriage between a man and a woman. Eliason added: “People see something they want, they steal it or they kill somebody or behead them. “Some of this stuff now that’s going on, the beheading, which has become a very sacred thing to the Islamics to behead somebody because that is a special right that is deserved by the infidels.” Staver continued: “Yeah, that’s exactly right. I think what we’re seeing today is a meltdown of morality.

Yes, following democratic principles to secure equal rights by acting through the legislatures, the judges, and the ballot to secure equal rights is just like beheading someone to draw the West into a war. That these so-called “Christians” would even thin to invoke the terrible acts of ISIS in their own political service is despicable and disgusting.

full story

Our Ice Cream is for Straight People

A New York City gelateria is hoping straight people will boost ice cream sales:

Sensing an acute lack of heteronormative ice cream parlors in the West Village, one Italian restaurant has positioned itself to capture the elusive demographic of those who’ll have two scoops of whatever John Wayne’s having (raw hamburger). Gallo Nero is down the street from Big Gay Ice Cream’s second location on Grove Street at 7th Ave. Reached by telephone, a manager at the restaurant seemed confused about the nature of our call. “What’s the issue? We can call our ice cream whatever we want,” he said. Asked if the sign was a reference to Big Gay Ice Cream, or if he could see how it may be interpreted as homophobic, the manager, who declined to provide his name, replied, “They have their own way, we have our own way.”

I thought pretty much all ice cream was straight ice cream, like pretty much everything else.

full story

There Are Only 45 Gay Kids in Louisiana, and They’re Not Really Gay

Wingnut Linda Harvey is back in our pages again, this time urging anti-gay folks to tell gay kids they are really straight:

I wish our side had the kind of boldness to go forward into, you know, San Francisco, or, you know, Provincetown, or, you know, Key West. I’m thinking of all the places that, you know, are homosexual,” Harvey told BarbWire columnist Gina Miller. “But, I mean, we should have just as much conviction about what we’re doing and go forward to the Gay Pride parades and be saying what we believe is true.”

Harvey and Miller also dismissed an HRC survey on harassment of LGBT youth in Southern states such as Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama. “These folks are highly sensitive – I’m not saying these things don’t happen, but I think all of this is exaggeration,” Harvey said. “‘One-in-three LGBT students,’ you might be talking about 45 people in the total of Mississippi and they are not born that way so the issue is we need to be educating and counseling and coming along these kids and saying ‘you don’t need to be in this lifestyle”and harassment can be punished right now, no matter what the reason, so it’s all false.”

I wish we had the guts to march into Harvey’s studio and tell her what an insensitive jerk she’s being when she attacks LGBT kids.

full story

Gay Marriage Will Make the Superstructure of Culture Crash Down

James Dobson of Focus on the Family warns that gay marriage will, like, totally destroy society:

“Well, the family is not just a Christian enterprise. You know, it goes all the way back. Every continent on Earth, every place that mankind has taken hold, the family, the marriage unit has been evident. When you start to weaken that, or undermine it, when it becomes less significant, it influences the entire culture. And, in fact, the entire superstructure of culture can come crashing down. That’s happened in Rome. It happened in Greece. It’s happened throughout history. And I don’t think that America can survive in the form we have known … if we allow the family to disintegrate. And that is, in fact, what’s happening.”

I think if you asked the historians, they would tell you that gays and lesbians winning the right to marry was not what brought the ancient empires of Rome and Greece down. There are serious issues facing the American Family today – poverty, homelessness, ansentee fathers, and divorce, just to name a few. When will the AFA start tackling some of those?????

full story

The Gays Are Making Christians Worship Sodomy

Colorado Republican Gordon Klingenschmitt is freaked out about a NY state ruling that a venue discriminated against a lesbian couple:

“[They] cannot worship Christ during a wedding, unless they also worship and participate equally in sodomy in their own home. Christians are fined $13,000 and may no longer celebrate the Christian sacrament of marriage in their own home, unless they also host lesbian weddings. Literally the court is banning Christian worship, saying these Christian farmers cannot worship Christ during a wedding, unless they also worship and participate equally in sodomy in their own home. They are now coming into our homes, and dictating our worship. This unconstitutional policy, to punish Christians (with no religious exemptions) will be law in all 50 states, if ENDA is passed.”

Not when your home is a BUSINESS, open to all. You also can’t worship God during a wedding if that worship includes believing in segregation and you own a wedding venue. Because you own a BUSINESS. I didn’t know God wanted to protect business owners and their profits. Guess that whole moneychangers thing in the temple was just a fluke?

full story


Lambda Legal Files for Quick Overturn of Puerto Rico Marriage Equality Ban

Written by scott on September 16th, 2014

Puerto RicoLambda Legal is asking a District Court to overturn the territory’s ban on same sex marriage.

Joe.My.God reports:

Today in the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico, Lambda Legal filed a motion for summary judgment seeking to end the discriminatory ban on marriage for same-sex couples. Lambda Legal joined the lawsuit, Conde v. Garcia Padilla, in June on behalf of five gay and lesbian couples and Puerto Rico Para Tod@s, an organization that represents lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and transgender (LGBT) people and their families. Lambda Legal Staff Attorney Omar Gonzalez-Pagan, said: “All families deserve to have their love and commitment recognized in Puerto Rico; they need the protections only marriage can provide as soon as possible, without discrimination. Every day that passes, our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender family members are told they are inferior to our other family members. They are living, working and caring for each other now and need the dignity and respect of marriage.”

Now it’s spreading out to the territories…

Find more articles and gay wedding resources in Puerto Rico.


The Thirty Corporations Supporting Marriage Equality at the US Supreme Court

Written by scott on September 16th, 2014

Nike Be True

Last week, a group of thirty corporations submitted an amicus brief for marriage equality with the US Supreme Court.

Dot 429 has the List:

Alcoa Inc., Inc.
Aspen Skiing Company
Ben & Jerry’s
Bloomberg L.P.
CBS Corporation
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Cummins Inc.
Deutsche Bank AG
Eastern Bank Corporation
eBay, Inc.
General Electric Company
Intel Corporation
Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group, LLC
Levi Strauss & Company
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company
NIKE, Inc.
Oracle America, Inc.
Outerwall Inc.
Pfizer Inc.
Qualcomm Incorporated
Staples, Inc.
State Street Corporation
SunLife Financial (U.S.) Services Company
United Therapeutics Corporation

Let these companies know you appreciate their support for LGBT rights and marriage equality.