Featured Gay Friendly Wedding Vendor: Amaryllis Ensemble, New York, New York

Written by scott on June 18th, 2015

Amaryllis EnsemblePeriodically we’ll feature one of our vendors here to let our readers know about some great people who can help you plan the perfect wedding.

The Amaryllis Ensemble was founded in 1987, after we finished our studies at the Manhattan School of Music. We specialize in unique, customized classical music for weddings in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We’re not agents – we’re musicians who will play at your wedding ceremony or reception.

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Gay Friendly Wedding Vendors in New York


Marriage Equality Round-Up – June 18th

Written by scott on June 18th, 2015

Here’s our daily round-up of the marriage equality / LGBT rights stories that don’t warrant a full posting on the blog, or that we didn’t have time to add. We’re able to get more news and analysis to you this way every day – enjoy!

HISTORY: Slate looks at how TV talked about gay marriage 25 years ago. full story

POP CULTURE: Black rights activist Rachel Dolezal, who was outed as a white woman earlier this month, has revealed she is bisexual. full story

POP CULTURE: Queerty profiles Big Brother contestant Audrey Middleton, an attractive 25-year-old digital media consultant who is also transgender. full story

POP CULTURE: Miley Cyrus is partnering with Instagram to launch #InstaPride, a campaign that celebrates the lives and stories of transgender and gender-expansive individuals all over the world. full story

POP CULTURE: Actress Susan Sarandon has revealed that one of her sons blurs gender lines – and likes to wear dresses on stage with his band. full story

AUSTRALIA: Marriage equality is still 14 MPs short, but the undecideds could easily make up the difference. full story

Australian MP's

FRANCE: The Advocate looks at the spike in anti-LGBT violence after marriage equality was passed, and wonders if it will happen in the US too. full story

INDIA: The government has asked the Supreme Court to define “transgender”, saying that it cannot not enact landmark ruling recognizing trans people if it does not know what the word means. full story

ISRAEL: Deputy leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel, Sheikh Kamal Khatib attacked the same-sex marriage of Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel in an online screed, but leading Arab Israelis have taken him to task full story

LITHUANIA: After Lithuania re-introduced mandatory services, conscripts are being asked questions to determine their sexuality – like if they like flowers. full story

TAIWAN: Taipei is the second Taiwanese city to recognize same-sex partnerships. full story

UK: Tory MP Michael Fabricant chided the government for having ‘no research’ supporting the gay blood ban. full story

UK: A Bishop has testified at a tribunal to say that the marriage of a Church of England clergy member to his husband is “sinful and unwholesome”. full story


UK: The Bishop of Buckingham Dr Alan Wilson has defended same-sex marriage during a tribunal today, saying the idea that marriage should be between one man and one woman is “a lousy definition”. full story

UK, NORTHERN IRELAND: Actor and gay rights campaigner Sir Ian McKellen has called for Northern Ireland to “catch up” on same-sex marriage. full story

USA: A study says that many millennials aren’t ready to marry, but they want the right to. full story

USA: Now that most state legislative sessions have come to a close for this year, observers have differing assessments on the efforts aimed at stopping a series of religious freedom bills seen to enable anti-LGBT discrimination. full story

USA: At a time when private health insurance companies and state Medicaid programs are beginning to cover the costs of gender transition related surgery, the supply of surgeons qualified to perform the highly specialized surgeries is falling short of the demand. full story

USA: The crimes against humanity lawsuit against Scott Lively began yesterday with his Liberty Counsel lawyers demanding more information from the plaintiffs, Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG). full story

USA: On same-sex marriage, Jeb Bush told Sean Hannity: “I believe in traditional marriage. I hope the Supreme Court rules that way.” full story

USA: Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said Wednesday he’s open to the idea of openly transgender military service, but it “would depend on the role” for those troops. full story

USA: Bush also said he would serve as a witness at a same-sex wedding if he were asked. full story

USA: As it did in 2012, today NOM will ask all GOP presidential candidates to sign its hate pledge promising to support a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. full story

USA, IDAHO: The city of Bellevue, Idaho Monday passed a non-discrimination ordination that will provide protections for LGBT people against discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations. full story

USA, INDIANA: Today, a new poll revealed Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s deeply damaged political reputation continues to decline over two months after signing into law an anti-LGBT “religious refusal” bill – a law that put LGBT Hoosiers at risk of discrimination, causing an overwhelming outcry from fair-minded people and businesses demanding the bill be fixed. full story

USA, MARYLAND: A woman in Baltimore recently found herself in the middle of a pretty bizarre crossfire when she reportedly received a note from some of her neighbors (or, probably just one who is bluffing), stating that her yard is too flamboyant for the innocent eyes of children. full story

Relentlessly Gay

USA, MICHIGAN: Kalamazoo County Clerk Tim Snow says he’s preparing to accommodate gay and lesbian couples who want to marry immediately after the Supreme Court ruling. full story

USA, NEW JERSEY: What went on inside JONAH’s so-called “conversion therapy clinic” is being made public at trial, and it’s not pretty. full story

USA, OHIO: Two Ohio counties (Cuyahoga and Portage) have announced that they’re prepared to begin issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples if the Supreme Court strikes down the state’s ban on gay marriage. full story

USA, PUERTO RICO: The First Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday ruled against 13 Puerto Rico lawmakers who wish to intervene in a case challenging the territory’s ban on gay marriage. full story

USA, TENNESSEE: Gov. Bill Haslam says state officials are discussing how to proceed should the U.S. Supreme Court rule same-sex marriage legal later this month in a case involving Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio. full story

USA, TEXAS: The newly launched Texas Wins campaign—a multiyear, multimillion-dollar effort—aims to increase the number of LGBT Texans protected by local nondiscrimination ordinances. full story


Featured Gay Friendly Wedding Vendor: Maui Sunseeker LGBT Resort, Kihei, Maui

Written by scott on June 17th, 2015

Maui Sunseeker LGBT Resort

Periodically we’ll feature one of our vendors here to let our readers know about some great people who can help you plan the perfect wedding.

Hawaii is the number one destination for US and Canadian honeymoon couples, both straight and gay, for very good reason. With its very mild tropical climate and fresh breezes full of exotic flower scents, the island romances you as soon as you step off the plane. The warm Aloha attitude of the native Hawaiian people is so welcoming, they do not judge people. They merely love to share their paradise with all.

Enter to win a Trip to Maui Pride

See the Maui Sunseeker LGBT Resort Expanded Listing on Purple Unions Here

Gay Friendly Wedding Vendors on Maui


Marriage Equality Round-Up – June 17th

Written by scott on June 17th, 2015

Here’s our daily round-up of the marriage equality / LGBT rights stories that don’t warrant a full posting on the blog, or that we didn’t have time to add. We’re able to get more news and analysis to you this way every day – enjoy!

HISTORY: On the Fourth of July 50 years ago, when homosexuality was considered a mental illness and a same-sex couple’s public declaration of love put their lives and livelihoods at risk, about 40 people took a stand by staging a peaceful protest in front of Independence Hall. full story

POP CULTURE: Gay actor John Barrowman is in trouble with the trans community after using the slur ‘tranny’ and then telling those who were offended to ‘lighten up’. full story

POP CULTURE: Google has released a new transgender-themed ad that features the power of the multimedia company’s platforms to tell LGBT stories and to unite the community. full story

POP CULTURE: Sandra Bernhard will officiate the wedding ceremony for Orange is the New Black’s Lea DeLaria. full story

POP CULTURE: The first openly transgender housemate will enter the US Big Brother house soon. full story

Audrey Middleton

AUSTRALIA: A number of Australian MPs opposed to marriage equality have been accused of a “plot” to stop the issue coming to a vote. full story

AUSTRALIA: Over 160,000 people have said they will celebrate the day a Christian couple file for divorce if same-sex marriage is passed in Australia. full story

PAKISTAN: Police have arrested a gay couple in Pakistan after they were reported to have carried out a ‘secret marriage’ in the Jaffarabad district of Balochistan. full story

CANADA: Though Mike Huckabee says he has no regrets about his antitrans jokes, Canada’s Jewish National Fund appears to regret scheduling him at a benefit dinner. full story

MALTA: The Maltese government has launched a progressive education policy on trans and intersex inclusion. full story

MEXICO: In an extraordinary act of spiritual warfare, several bishops and exorcist priests have performed what is being called a “Magno Exorcismo” (great exorcism) of the entire country of Mexico following a series of events that the bishops see as linked to the presence and influence of Satan. full story

SOUTH KOREA: A court in Seoul ruled police violated the law when they banned a Pride parade scheduled for June 28. full story

USA: New Now Next looks at the possible rulings on marriage equality from the US Supreme Court. full story

USA: Ruth Bader Ginsburg hinted at a decision in the marriage equality case during an interview. full story

USA: HRC is calling on corporations to keep domestic partnership benefits if marriage equality is legalized. full story

USA: The Weekly Standard has a rainbow steamroller rolling over businesses for its new cover. full story

Weekly Standard Cover

USA: Three transgender rights advocates from Central America were unable to obtain visas that would have allowed them to travel to D.C. this week for the Organization of American States’ General Assembly. full story

USA: The Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution today opposing gay marriage, reaffirming a long-standing position of the denomination. full story

USA: A new study, conducted at the University of Colorado at Denver, says the sexual orientation of parents ‘makes no difference’ in their children’s development. full story

USA, FLORIDA: Teacher Kelly Hendrix was suspended after questioning students about their sexuality. full story

USA, INDIANA: South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg just came out in a newspaper editorial. full story

USA, NORTH CAROLINA: A teacher and his assistant principal felt they could no longer count on administrators to support them after outraged parents objected to the reading of King & King. full story

VATICAN: This Sunday, Pope Francis told more than 25,000 people, a day after Rome’s Pride festival, that children need to be raised by opposite-sex parents. full story


Marriage Equality Round-Up – June 16th

Written by scott on June 16th, 2015

Here’s our daily round-up of the marriage equality / LGBT rights stories that don’t warrant a full posting on the blog, or that we didn’t have time to add. We’re able to get more news and analysis to you this way every day – enjoy!

HISTORY: A new video featured in The New York Times goes beyond the transformation of Caitlyn Jenner to offer viewers a look at the origin of transgender politics and everyday life. full story

Transgender Rights History

POP CULTURE: Dove has released a new Father’s Day video featuring a same sex couple. full story

POP CULTURE: Fisher Price announced the launch of the Proud Parenting LGBT Family Photo Gallery, presented by Fisher-Price. The goal of the program is to increase the visibility of LGBT parents and to encourage interaction and support between LGBT parents, their friends and their allies. full story

POP CULTURE: Chobani Yogurt released a new ad featuring a lesbian couple. full story

POP CULTURE: Wells Fargo, the LGBT-friendly bank that lost the accounts of evangelist Franklin Graham over its pro-equality campaign, says it won’t pull its ad featuring a lesbian couple. full story

POP CULTURE: Swiss soccer star Romana Bachmann has revealed she is a lesbian. full story

Swiss football star Romana Bachmann

AUSTRALIA: Sydney-based artist Elizabeth Rose has made her opinion known on her new single “Division”, and today drops the accompanying video that displays the emotional hardships facing same sex couples at present. full story

AUSTRALIA: A bill introduced in the wake of Ireland’s historic same-sex marriage vote that would extend marriage equality to Australia is facing an uncertain future after members of the country’s ruling coalition party criticized the Labor proposal and pushed for it to be withdrawn. full story

BELGIUM: The Synod of the United Protestant Church of Belgium has voted to decide that being gay should not be a barrier to being a minister in the church – which already performs blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples. full story

IRELAND: An Irish Senator has tabled an amendment to the state’s Gender Recognition bill – that would legally recognise children who are transgender. full story

ISRAEL: The Ministerial Committee for Legislation on Monday voted down a bill that would make it illegal to discriminate against LGBT people in any way. full story

MEXICO: The Roman Catholic Church on Sunday criticized a ruling effectively legalizing same-sex marriage in mostly Catholic Mexico. full story

MOZAMBIQUE: The country’s new penal code, which removes articles criminalizing homosexuality, will come into effect June 29 having been signed into law late last year. full story

UK: The Daily Star has published an article condemning the NHS for providing gender reassignment surgery to trans women. full story

USA: White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the Obama administration has no plans if the Supreme Court upholds bans on same-sex marriage. full story

USA: Justice Antonin Scalia used an immigration case to launch a thinly veiled diatribe against marriage equality. full story

USA: The Southern Baptist Convention has published a guide on avoiding having to hire LGBT people. full story

USA, FLORIDA: A California-based think tank estimates Florida’s economy will get a $182 million boost over three years from the weddings of gay and lesbian couples. full story

USA, MARYLAND: Ultrasound Deejays said they would not provide a DJ for a birthday party because the man throwing the party is married to another man and the birthday party they are hosting is for their 60-year-old roommate, who is also gay. full story

USA, TEXAS: Interim San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor — who voted against the city’s nondiscrimination ordinance and later called it “a waste of time” — won a two-year term on Saturday. full story

USA, WASHINGTON DC: Ohio marriage equality plaintiff Jim Obergefell plans to be at the Supreme Court “every decision day” until the marriage ruling comes out. full story


Featured Gay Wedding Vendor: Steven Rosen Photography, New York City

Written by scott on June 15th, 2015

Steven Rosen Photography

Periodically we’ll feature one of our vendors here to let our readers know about some great people who can help you plan the perfect wedding.

There is a certain irony in being a gay wedding photographer. While I am always honored to be a part of my client’s wedding day, the fact that until recently I couldn’t legally get married was never lost on me. The experience of witnessing so many beautiful weddings made me determined to work towards marriage equality.

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Gay Friendly Wedding Vendors in New York


Marriage News Watch: Santorum Stands in the Way

Written by scott on June 15th, 2015

Matt BaumeWith the Supreme Court due to rule on marriage any day now, Presidential ‘candidate’ Rick Santorum says he would fight back against a pro-equality ruling.

He says that states allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry is a violation of his religious freedom, which is an argument a lot people made about interracial marriage in the 60s.

So do couples need to worry about the possibility that Rick Santorum could stop them?

Authored By Matt Baume – See the Full Story at AFER

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Marriage Equality Round-Up – June 15th

Written by scott on June 15th, 2015

Here’s our daily round-up of the marriage equality / LGBT rights stories that don’t warrant a full posting on the blog, or that we didn’t have time to add. We’re able to get more news and analysis to you this way every day – enjoy!

Gay WeddingHISTORY: You might not know it from mainstream coverage, but same-sex couples have been fighting for marriage equality for decades. full story

POP CULTURE: Actress Kristen Stewart is bisexual and dating her personal assistant Alicia Cargile, her mother has confirmed. full story

POIP CULTURE: Stephen Fry and husband Elliot Spencer’s honeymoon in Honduras was ruined by gay-hating locals. full story

AUSTRALIA: More than two-thirds of voters support legalising same-sex marriage in a Fairfax/Ipsos poll that shows Labor again ahead of the Coalition on a two-party basis. full story

EGYPT: The government is cracking down on the LGBT community, especially transgender citizens. full story

KYRGYZSTAN: A protest took place in Kyrgyzstan at the weekend in favour of a proposed law to ban “gay propaganda”. full story

MALTA: The government in Malta may soon bring forward legislation to ban the controversial practice of ‘gay cure’ therapy. full story

SAUDI ARABIA: Two “gay parties” have been broken up by police raids in Saudi Arabia, according to local reports. full story

TAIWAN: Four more anti-gay justices have been appointed to the country’s Constitutional Court. full story

UK: Following a pledge from David Cameron to PinkNews, the Government may ban gay cure therapies. full story

UK: The tribunal of a Church of England canon who was blocked from promotion after he married his same-sex partner is set to begin. full story

UK, SCOTLAND: Television historian David Starkey has taken aim at the SNP, comparing the party to the Nazis, and gay parents, saying they are “ludicrous”. full story

USA: Even if the Supreme Court legalizes marriage equality, one aspect of marriage may not always be automatically guaranteed: parental rights. full story

USA: Anti-gay Pastor Rick Scarborough says 40,000 people will go to jail to defy the US Supreme Court on marriage equality. full story

USA: Rev. Robert Jeffress, senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Dallas, says marriage equality will bring a Holocaust for Christians. full story

USA: Tennessee pastor Ed Manners says gay marriage is really about recruiting new gay people. full story

USA, MICHIGAN: The civil rights organization is hunting for a constitutional solution to the law that discriminates against LGBT couples. full story

USA, OHIO: Central Ohio probate courts say they’ll be ready to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples if the U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of those unions. full story


Featured Gay Friendly Wedding Vendor: An English Rose, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Written by scott on June 14th, 2015

English Rose

Periodically we’ll feature one of our vendors here to let our readers know about some great people who can help you plan the perfect wedding.

Gay Wedding Planners in Montreal, QC, Canada. Not only is Canada one of only a handful of countries to legally recognize and celebrate same sex marriages, it is the only country in the world where same sex couples can legally marry without having to be residents!

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Gay Friendly Wedding Vendors in Quebec


Marriage Equality Round-Up – June 14th

Written by scott on June 14th, 2015

Here’s our daily round-up of the marriage equality / LGBT rights stories that don’t warrant a full posting on the blog, or that we didn’t have time to add. We’re able to get more news and analysis to you this way every day – enjoy!

HISTORY: How gay was the Magna Carta? full story

POP CULTURE: Michael Sam left the Montreal Alouettes’ training camp and returned to Texas for ‘personal reasons’. full story

AUSTRALIA: Activists rallied for marriage equality in Melbourne. full story

ITALY: Thousands marched in Rome to celebrate gay pride and to call for same-sex marriage rights. full story

MOROCCO: A campaign hopes to save two gay men in Morocco from serving three years in jail each. full story

SINGAPORE: The annual LGBT rights/gay pride rally Pink Dot drew a record crowd of 28,000 people this weekend. full story

Pink Dot

UK: A new Women and Equalities Committee is to look at the ‘spousal veto’, which affects married transgender people. full story

UK, NORTHERN IRELAND: More than 20,000 people marched on Saturday through the streets of Belfast, Northern Ireland in support of marriage equality. full story

USA: Hilary Clinton mentioned marriage equality in her speech just as two men kissed in the background. full story


The State of MarriageUSA, MASSACHUSETTS: Jeff Kaufman’s documentary “The State of Marriage,” premiering June Thursday at the Provincetown International Film Festival in Massachusetts, takes viewers back to the movement’s very first victories, hard won in the Green Mountain State. full story

USA, UTAH: The family of the 22-year-old Utah man forced to drink bleach and had “Die Fag” cut into his arm in a horrific string of anti-gay hate crimes is speaking out, saying they won’t be intimidated by the assailants. full story