Seriously? What Marriage Equality Opponents Are Saying – October 23rd

Written by scott on October 23rd, 2014

Seriously?Here’s the the latest in our ongoing series of some of the crazy things the anti-gay marriage equality opponents are saying and doing around the world.

Judges Are the Only Ones Who Overwhelmingly Support Gay Marriage

That’s Tony Perkins’ Contention in response to Pres. Obama’s statement that the Constitution says that gays and lesbians deserve marriage equality in all 50 states:

“The only place where there seems to be an overwhelming consensus on redefining marriage is in the chambers of 25 unelected judges, who have been arrogant enough to substitute their agendas for the will of 13 states. For now, the states are continuing to put up a fight, right down to the local officials forced to carry out the courts’ bidding. In Idaho, site of the first ministers ordered to perform gay ‘weddings’ or be imprisoned, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is giving the state a brief reprieve by putting a hold on the ceremonies for now. While the two sides appeal the Ninth Circuit ruling that struck down Idaho’s law, the Knapps — and other ordained ministers — will hold their breaths, hoping the same country that gave them conscience rights won’t jail the couple for exercising them.”

As we reported yesterday, the whole Idaho story is based on a stack of lies. And Perkins is also conveniently ignoring a new poll that shows public support for marriage equality is as strong as ever. So much for the supposed will of the people.

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Men Skipping Hand in Hand To Adoption Centers To Pick Out a Little Boy

Okay this is saying something, but this statement by anti-gay wingnut Eugene Delguadio has got to be one of the most offensive things I’ve ever read:

“Radical homosexuals will terrorize daycare centers, hospitals, churches and private schools. Traditional moral values will be shattered by federal law. Same-sex marriages and adoptions. Wedding gown-clad men smooching before some left-wing clergyman or state official is just the beginning. You’ll see men hand-in-hand skipping down to adoption centers to “pick out” a little boy for themselves.”

Is it just me, or does this whole thing sound like it’s something straight out of the closeted, anti-gay fifties? This man has a horribly twisted view of what being gay really is, and he wants to force that view on the rest of us.

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Gay Marriage Is like Having Two Bulls Together – You Get Bullshazzle

US Representative Don Young (R) visited a high school and made horribly insensitive remarks about suicide in the wake of a student who had taken his own life. He then went on to say this about gay marriage:

“”You can’t have marriage with two men,” Young said. “What do you get with two bulls?” The congressman said the relationship would result in “bullshazzle” or, as the newspaper described it, another “word resembling the more familiar obscenity.”

Class act, Congressman. Real class act.

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Gays Are Terrorists, Radicals, and Extremists

that Robertson is back in our pages, calling gays all these things, and monstrous too:

“These people are terrorists, they’re radicals and they’re extremists. No Christian in his right mind would ever try to enforce somebody against their belief or else suffer jail. They did that during the Inquisition, it was horrible, it was a black mark on our history, but it isn’t being done now. There’s no Christian group I know of anywhere in the world that would force somebody to do something contrary to their deep-held religious beliefs or else face criminal penalties, but that’s what the homosexuals are trying to do here in America and I think it’s time pastors stand up and fight this monstrous thing. If the gays want to go out and do their gay sex, that’s one thing, but if they want you to force you to accept it and solemnify it by marriage then that’s a different matter and it’s an infringement on people’s religious belief.”

It’s amazing to watch the rhetoric go from “love the sinner hate the sin” to “these people are terrorists.” It’s clear what’s happening here. The anti-gay forces have realized that they’ve lost, and their voices are becoming more and more shrill in defeat. In the end, it won’t really matter. But in the meantime we all just have to suffer through the death throes of their movement.

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Anti-Gay States Should Form Their Own Country and Call it Reagan

Douglas McKinnon, author of “The Secessionist States of America: The Blueprint for Creating a Traditional Values Country… Now” wants the anti gay states to get together and form their own new nation:

The leaders that we’re picking are deciding not to stand firmly for traditional values, not to stand for our rights, not to articulate the vision our Founding Fathers created over 24o years ago… the interim name for the country, by the way, is Reagan… the group decided that would be the best interim name until the voters eventually decided to pick the full-time name for the new republic based on traditional values.”

Seriously> I mean, seriously? And of course, it has to be named after their God, Ronald Reagan, a washed up actor with Alzheimers who has been whitewashed into the Saint of the Republican Party. Yeah, good luck with that.

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Our Straight Marriage is Property, and the Gays Are Stealing It

That’s the unusual tact being taken by a straight couple who wants to intervene in the Kansas marriage equality case. Joe.My.God reports:

Phillip W. Unruh and Sandra L. Unruh today filed a motion to intervene in the ACLU’s marriage equality case in Kansas. As laid out in multiple points in their brief, the Unruhs declare that legalization of same-sex marriage would constitute the literal theft of their straight Christian marriage, a property which is guaranteed to belong only to them per the Fifth Amendment.

Joe takes down the whole argument better than I ever could: “Apparently, once them gays steal a chunk of their marriage, well – it’s all downhill for the Uhruhs from there. Next thing you know they’ll be cooking meth with hobos under a Kansas overpass. The rest of their brief is similarly cracktastic, complete with quotes from Genesis and the usual “they can’t even make a baby” crapola. Hit the link courtesy of Equality Case Files and dig out your favorite bits.”

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Gay Massages Will Make the US Military Vulnerable to Terrorists

Rep. Louis Gohmert’s latest anti-gay rant:

“I’ve had people say, ‘Hey, you know, there’s nothing wrong with gays in the military. Look at the Greeks.’ Well, you know, they did have people come along who they loved that was the same sex and would give them massages before they went into battle. But you know what, it’s a different kind of fighting, it’s a different kind of war and if you’re sitting around getting massages all day ready to go into a big, planned battle, then you’re not going to last very long. It’s guerrilla fighting. You are going to be ultimately vulnerable to terrorism and if that’s what you start doing in the military like the Greeks did. As people have said, ‘Louie, you have got to understand, you don’t even know your history.’ Oh yes I do. I know exactly. It’s not a good idea.”

Of course, the central idea here is that gays are weak, and are going to infect the military with their weak ways, which is going to make the military week, which is going to make us vulnerable to terrorism. Sorry, represented Gohmert, but that’s a pile of homophobic crap.

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Marriage Equality Round-Up – October 23rd

Written by scott on October 23rd, 2014

Gay WeddingHere’s our daily quick round-up of the marriage equality and LGBT rights stories that don’t warrant a full posting on the blog, or that we just didn’t have time to add. We’re able to get more news and analysis to you this way every day – enjoy!

China: Hong Kong lawmakers have voted down a proposed transgender marriage law by a vote of 40-11. full story

Italy: Ignacio Marino, the mayor of Rome who just recognized the marriages of 16 same-sex couples, is considering taking his case to the European Court of Human Rights. full story

Italy: The Advocate has some great pictures from Rome of the mayor recognizing the marriages of 16 same-sex couples. full story

Italy: The country has its first openly gay ambassador, who is now working as the Ambassador to New Zealand, living there with his partner. full story

Nigeria: The High Court struck down a case against Nigeria’s anti-gay law on a standing technicality. full story

Uganda: Two people charged under the country’s draconian anti-gay law have had all charges against him dismissed by a court. full story

UK: LGBT activist Peter catchall says the ban on gays donating blood is medically unjustified discrimination. full story

UK: A proposed Recall Bill could threaten members of Parliament who voted for marriage equality law, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said full story

USA: The conservative Jewish Masorti movement has joined other groups in allowing its rabbis to perform marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples. full story

USA: Many right-wing activists are telling the GOP that opposition to marriage equality is a non-negotiable issue. full story

USA: Marriage equality could become the most important issue in the GOP race for the presidency in 2016. full story

USA: Efforts to have a naval vessel named after Harvey Milk may have stalled. full story

USA: Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi has joined human rights campaigns Americans for Marriage Equality. full story

USA: Singer Ariana Grande says she left Catholicism for her gay brother Frankie. full story

USA: Chris Johnson at the Washington Blade looks at the impact of marriage equality on the U.S. Senate races. full story

USA: More than half of LGBT students feel unsafe at school, a new report from GLSEN shows. full story

USA: The Human Rights Campaign has released a list of 10 fax that everyone should know about the National Organization for Marriage. full story

USA, Alaska: Atty. Gen. Michael Geraghty is requesting en banc hearing in the states marriage equality case that the Ninth Circuit. full story

USA, Arizona: GOP lawmakers are once again considering a “right to discriminate” bill in the wake of the arrival of marriage equality in the state. full story

USA, Arkansas: Atty. Gen. Dustin McDaniel says he has no objections to expediting the marriage equality case in the state. full story

USA, California: 15 current and former LGBT inmates at the San Bernardino County jail are filing a lawsuit against the Sheriff’s Department, accusing it of discrimination. full story

USA, Idaho: The fight continues between the city of Couer d’Alene and the Alliance Defending Freedom in a bogus case about a wedding chapel the claims to be discriminated against. full story

USA, Idaho: Gov. Butch Otter is requesting en banc hearing in the states marriage equality case that the Ninth Circuit. full story

USA, Illinois: A hearing was held Tuesday at the Illinois Department of Human Rights, looking into Exxon Mobil’s refusal to add anti-discrimination language to its policies to protect its LGBT employees. full story

USA, Indiana: The University of Notre Dame is holding a conference to explore pastoral strategies for gay parishioners. full story

USA, Kansas: The candidates for governor discussed marriage equality during a debate Monday night. full story

USA, Michigan: The estatet of Dr. Henry Messer, one of the early founders of the Equality Michigan, has just donated $3 million to the group. full story

USA, Mississippi: The new marriage equality lawsuit in the state has been given a rapid schedule, with a hearing planned for November 12th. full story

USA, Nevada: The state issued 255 marriage licenses to same-sex couples in the first week of marriage equality. full story

USA, Nevada: Gov. Brian Sandoval has come out against efforts by opponents of same-sex marriage to request an en banc hearing at the Ninth Circuit. full story

USA, New Jersey: Nearly 4000 same-sex couples married during the first year of marriage equality in the state. full story

USA,m New York: New York Times columnist Ross Douthat apologized for inadvertently taking part in a fundraiser for the Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-gay legal group. full story

USA, North Carolina: Anti-gay activists held a rally in support of the magistrate who quit his job rather than marry same-sex couples in Rockingham County. full story

USA, Pennsylvania: 21 anti-gay demonstrators protested marriage equality in Camp Hill on Wednesday. full story

USA, Texas: A lesbian widow who is a plaintiff in the lawsuit against the Social Security Administration is profiled in the Dallas Voice. full story

USA, Utah: Is the Mormon church becoming more gay friendly since marriage equality has arrived in Utah? full story


Idaho Governor Continues to Fight Marriage Equality

Written by scott on October 22nd, 2014

Idaho Governor Butch OtterAfter having said he would not appeal the recent marriage equality decision, Idaho’s Governor Butch Otter has apparently had a change of heart.

SDGLN reports:

Idaho failed to convince the U.S. Supreme Court to issue a stay that would have halted gay marriages in that state, so the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals dissolved its temporary stay and allowed gay weddings to resume a week ago. But instead of following the law, Gov. Otter is determined to try and try again. For a second time, he will file a petition with the Ninth Circuit seeking an en banc review of its ruling that went 3-0 in favor of marriage equality. En banc means that a larger panel of 11 judges would re-hear Idaho’s case. Legal observers said Idaho’s defense of the ban on gay marriage was lame at best. As of 4 pm PDT on Tuesday, the Ninth Circuit website makes no mention of Otter’s request.

Know the phrase “a snowball’s chance in hell”?

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Almost Everything You’ve Been Told About The Idaho Wedding Chapel Story Is A Lie

Written by scott on October 22nd, 2014

IdahoTwo ministers, Donald and Evelyn Knapp, own a for-profit wedding chapel in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, but say they cannot marry same-sex couples because of their faith. Now that same-sex couples can legally marry in Idaho, the Knapps face a possible issue.

Earlier this year, as you can see in this video, Donald Knapp (photo, above,) said he’d close the chapel rather than violate his faith. At the center of the controversy is their small town’s anti-discrimination ordinance.

Bottom line, depending on how they’ve licensed their business, they likely would be exempt from the ordinance, but that hasn’t stopped the maniacal anti-gay religious right who have hitched their wagons to the Hitching Post’s story and are profiting from it — because that’s just what they do.

Authored By David Badash – See the Full Story at The New Civil Rights Movement

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Analysis: Marriage Equality Has No Impact on Rate of Straight Marriages

Written by scott on October 22nd, 2014

titleA new survey done by the Reno Gazette-Journal found no impact on straight weddings after marriage equality was introduced in a given state or country.

The Advocate reports:

A recent analysis by Fact Checker at the Reno Gazette-Journal looked into the marriage rate of countries abroad that have legalized same-sex marriage and compared the marriage rate over time. The findings show that same-sex marriage has not had any impact on the rate of different-sex marriages. So Nevada need not be worried about marriage equality recently coming to the state. The ongoing decline in different-sex marriages is actually a trend started decades before same-sex marriage became an issue. Fact Checker looked at Eurostat data and compared marriage rates in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands over the decades. Although they have differing laws about marriage, all three countries had the same trend, according to Fact Checker, and showed declines in marriages since the 1970s.

Think it will make any difference?

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Federal Judge in Puerto Rico Upholds Marriage Equality Ban

Written by scott on October 22nd, 2014

Puerto RicoA second Federal Judge has upheld a marriage equality ban (the first was in Louisiana).

LGBTQ Nation reports:

U.S. District Judge Juan Perez-Gimenez, cited Baker v. Nelson, a 1972 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that upheld Minnesota’s ban on same-sex marriage, and said that allowing same-sex marriage raises the question of a constitutional right to polygamous and incestuous marriages. The case, Conde-Vidal v. Garcia-Padilla, was filed in March by Lambda Legal on behalf of five gay and lesbian couples and Puerto Rico Para Tod@s, an organization that represents LGBT Puerto Ricans and their families.

Think Progress points out that the decision reads like a National Organization for Marriage press release:

Recent affirmances of same-gender marriage seem to suffer from a peculiar inability to recall the principles embodied in existing marriage law. Traditional marriage is “exclusively [an] opposite-sex institution . . . inextricably linked to procreation and biological kinship,” Windsor, 133 S. Ct. at 2718 (Alito, J., dissenting). Traditional marriage is the fundamental unit of the political order. And ultimately the very survival of the political order depends upon the procreative potential embodied in traditional marriage. Those are the well-tested, well-proven principles on which we have relied for centuries.

Lambda Legal plans to appeal:

“The court’s ruling directly conflicts with the wave of recent decisions finding these marriage bans unconstitutional and perpetuates the discrimination and harm done to same-sex Puerto Rican couples and their families,” said Omar Gonzalez-Pagan, Staff Attorney for Lambda Legal. “It defies the unmistakable import of the Windsor decision and flies in the face of the blizzard of rulings of the last year, the reasoned rulings of the Courts of Appeals for the 4th, 7th, 9th and 10th Circuits, and the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to let stand the rulings striking down five bans similar to Puerto Rico’s. One struggles to understand how this judge came to a different conclusion. We will, of course, appeal this ruling to the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals,” Gonzalez-Pagan said. “All families in Puerto Rico need the protections of marriage.”

The Judge was apparently a democratic appointee.

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New US Marriage Equality Maps

Written by scott on October 22nd, 2014

We have three new US marriage equality maps for you. For the first time (at least for me) it really looks like the marriage equality states are dominant on the map:

Pew Forum has a great interactive map (with a slider) showing marriage equality by state over time. See the Interactive Map

Pew Map

Think Progress also has a new marriage equality map. full story

Think Progress Map

Wikipedia has a new marriage equality map too. full story

Wikipedia Map


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Marriage Equality Round-Up October 22nd

Written by scott on October 22nd, 2014

Gay Wedding - HandsHere’s our daily quick round-up of the marriage equality and LGBT rights stories that don’t warrant a full posting on the blog, or that we just didn’t have time to add. We’re able to get more news and analysis to you this way every day – enjoy!

Australia: Hotel Hyatt Canberra is taking heat for hosting the national conference of a notoriously anti-gay group. full story

Costa Rica: A new survey shows 20% of cops think it’s ok to harass gay people. full story

Jamaica: A report by Human Rights Watch shows there is widespread discrimination and violence against the LGBT community in the country. full story

Mexico: Hundreds of activists will attend an LGBT rights conference in Mexico City next week. full story

Russia: LGBT rights rights activists lodged a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights after being prohibited from holding a marriage equality rally in Moscow.
full story

Singapore: A gay blogger has been charged with contempt for implying that the courts are ‘systemically biased’ against homosexuality. full story

UK: Singer Annie Lenox says she’s so happy that transgender people can now come out of the shadows. full story

USA: Singer/actress Jennifer Hudson has joined W Hotels and HRC in a new campaign for marriage equality. full story

USA, Florida: October 24th is a key deadline on the state – it’s possible couples there will be able to marry, if a judge lifts his stay. full story

USA, Florida: Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, and Miami Beach jointly filed an amicus brief in favor of marriage equality. full story

USA, Hawaii: The lawsuit against the state for marriage equality has been wrapped up by the Ninth Circuit. full story

USA, New Jersey: The state just celebrated 1 year of marriage equality. full story

USA, North Carolina: The Columbus County Board of Commissioners approved a resolution opposing marriage equality. full story

USA, North Carolina: Senate Leader Phil Berger Sr. (R) will introduce “right to discriminate” legislation to allow magistrates to refuse to issue marriage licenses or perform weddings for same sex couples. full story

USA, North Carolina: Raleigh became the sixth statewide to protect transgender workers from employment discrimination, passing the ordinance unanimously. full story

USA, Texas: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary hosted a debate on marriage equality last week. full story

USA, Texas: Michael sam has ben cut from the Dallas Cowboys. full story

USA, Wisconsin: Governor Walker proudly re-iterated his opposition to marriage equality in a letter to a conservative group. full story

USA, Wyoming: Same sex couples began to marry in Wyoming yesterday. full story


Why Gay Marriage Watch is Changing its Name

Written by scott on October 21st, 2014

Scott & MarkWelcome to the new Marriage Equality Watch!

We started life on January 1st, 2008 as Gay Marriage Watch. At the time, the term “gay marriage” was the most-used term to describe marriage between a couple of the same gender. The phrase “marriage equality” existed at the time – I just checked our blog, and we first used the term on 1/10/08. But Web searches for “gay marriage were much more common, and it was important for us to get the word out to as many people as possible.

When we first began our partnership with Marriage Equality USA in 2011, I remember sitting down with the President at the time, Carole Scagnetti, and talking about this very issue. I still felt, fairly strongly, that the name recognition of the phrase “gay marriage” was key to getting the word out.

Over the next several years, I started to come around about “marriage equality”. Several folks made the point that “gay marriage” was sometimes used by our opponents to make our unions seem alien or different. I started to use the phrase most of the time in our posts instead of “gay marriage”, reserving that phrase for when I was discussing our opponents’ positions and claims.

Fast forward to today. Marriage equality is quickly becoming the law of the land. For my own part, I’ve always thought of it fundamentally as a gay and lesbian issue. Bisexual folks can at least marry one of their two attracted genders, right? And transgender folks are often not gay or lesbian at all, so they’re not really affected. Right?

Well, I’ve learned that I was wrong on both counts. Over the last few months, we’ve seen transgender couples who were same-sex attracted denied marriage licenses, just like the rest of us.

And then I got this email:

Being a bisexual who advocates for marriage equality I find it stunning that you would refer to your updates as Gay Marriage Watch. This is exclusionary and offensive on so many levels!! –Mark Metz, Bisexuals For Marriage Equality

Now, I don’t know Mark – I’m sure he does good work. And I have to say, we should be fighting the religious right, not each other. But he brought up a good point.

While Mark and I had good reasons at the time for calling the blog “Gay Marriage Watch”, that time has passed. We are constantly learning from others in the movement, and even after reporting on marriage equality and LGBT rights for 6 years, every single day, we are still learning new things. We hope the new name is more inclusive – especially for our bi and trans brothers and sisters who are in the fight with us.

So welcome to the new Marriage Equality Watch – we look forward to continuing to bring you the latest in marriage equality and LGBT rights news.


–Scott & Matk


Transgender Navy SEAL – It’s time to forgive the Human Rights Campaign .@HRC

Written by Sean Sala on October 21st, 2014

Kristin Beck – National Transgender Liaison Military Freedom Coalition (Far left) and Human Rights Campaign President – Chad Griffin (Far right)




Recently HRC president Chad Griffin apologized to the entire transgender community for HRC’s past exclusion of transgender people in it’s advocacy work. Many in the transgender community are still upset with their track record. To add to the dilemma there are still people in the gay and lesbian community who don’t even understand the transgender community, and wonder why we are here and part of HRC. I’m not even going to mention the armies of haters and prejudice toward the entire LGBTQ community, but maybe just point out that the prejudice and hate is through the same lens.


Why the exclusion and now why the apology? The gay and Lesbian focus for quite some time has been on marriage while the transgender community is just trying to stay alive and not be beaten up in the streets. The gay and lesbian community is about three decades beyond the rights most of us in the transgender community are fighting for today. This time delay between the “LGB” and the “T” Needs to be addressed and remedied.


We, the transgender community don’t want to be left behind anymore. This recent HRC apology is building a bridge, but many on both sides are not willing to traverse from either direction. A bridge never used is useless.


I was a leader in the SEAL teams and know a few things about team work. I see the LGBTQ  team made up of some very remarkable people. People with different views, different goals and from all walks of life. This is a team or even better a family and like every family we don’t always see eye to eye. Also like a family we need each other and need to work together if we want to get anything done. It is going to take all of us, and sadly from my point of view there is still a rift in our family. I want to get past this and move on.


Many in the gay and lesbian community will remain focused on marriage equality and that is OK, but don’t forget your brothers and sisters. There are a hundred differences between us, but there are thousands of things that are the same. A dream of true equality can come true. The bridge is there, we need to use it and join the team… all of us.


I accept the apology from Chad. I hope the entire staff of advocates really live up to HRC’s new agenda to include the transgender community in all of its efforts. I also implore the rest of the LGB community to get to know your transgender brothers and sisters and understand that we are part of your family and your culture. We don’t want the back of the bus anymore.


I am asking the rest of the transgender community to take a step back, put away the past and work with HRC and the other advocacy groups. For us just being out is activism, but the time to join forces is now. The time for all of us is now. Together the entire LGBTQ community is strong. I for one want my dream of equality to come true; we can achieve this. I believe in all of us. That is why this year, myself and other Military Freedom Coalition leaders are honored to have been invited to the HRC gala – an olive branch.


There are going to be many things here and there that we hope to change – building dialogue.


We have to stop pretending our leaders are perfect. We must let leaders be human. It’s time for a radical shift. It’s time for that radical love and forgiveness we always talk about. Today is that day. The day that LGBT walks together arm in arm towards our dream of equality and inclusion.