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South Korea: Marriage Equality Support Reaches 35%

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

titleA new poll shows that marriage equality support is on the rise in South Korea.

Gay Star News reports:

The majority of South Korea still opposes gay marriage although there has been a significant changes in attitude over the past decade, according to a new survey. A Gallup poll released last week (12 December) found that 35% of respondents were in favor of legalizing gay marriage, more than double the proportion 13 years ago. In the same period, opposition to gay marriage fell from 67% from to 56%.

We’re still a long way from majority support, but the change is encouraging, and 85% now support equal opportunities for gays and lesbians in the workplace.

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53% Support Marriage Equality in Wyoming

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

titleWyoming has now joined the ranks of states that approve of marriage equality.

LGBTQ Nation reports:

The new poll by the University of Wyoming found 53 percent of respondents supported marriage for same-sex couples, compared to 39 percent opposed. The poll results represent a significant increase over the last 10 years in support for marriage equality. In 2004, only 24 percent of Wyoming residents supported legalizing same-sex marriage. “This represents a notable shift in public opinion,” said Jim King, a University of Wyoming professor of political science and a co-director of the survey. “Two years ago, 55 percent of Wyomingites disapproved of same-sex marriage and 40 percent approved. We’ve seen a reversal in those numbers.”

Folks, that’s a 29% increase in just 10 years, with almost half of that coming since 2012. Amazing!

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UK: New Poll Shows Conservative Opposition to Marriage Equality Dropping

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

titleA new YouGov poll shows that only a bare majority of the country’s most conservative voters now oppose marriage equality.

Pink News reports:

A YouGov survey into the views of supporters of political parties uncovered data suggesting that people who vote for UKIP are increasingly at odds with some of the party’s right-wing members. The data found that just 51 percent of the party’s supporters remain opposed to equal marriage – with 39 percent now in favour. Same-sex marriage has the support of the majority in all other parties, however, with 77 percent of Lib Dems, 68 percent of Labour voters and 53 percent of Conservatives in favour. Marriage equality is opposed by 35 percent of Tories, 21 percent of Labour supporters, and just 14 percent of Liberal Democrats.

Marriage equality came to England and Wales, and the sky didn’t fall. That tends to take a lot of the wind out of the opposition’s sails.

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71% in Indiana Want US Supreme Court to Decide Marriage Equality Issue

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

titleA new poll Indiana highlights the fact that the state is ready for the fight over marriage equality to be over.

WISH-TV reports:

Gay marriage has been legal in Indiana for just over two months as the result of a federal appeals court ruling. That follows a battle that lasted more than a decade in the General Assembly and the Hoosier Survey found that support for gay marriage has leveled off… 47 percent favor it. That’s down a tick from 48 percent a year ago, but it’s still a tick above the 46 percent who remain opposed… Curiously, the Hoosier Survey found greater support for gay marriage in other states. 56 percent say that marriages conducted elsewhere should be recognized here, with just 40 percent opposed… But here’s the most interesting finding in the Hoosier Survey: more than two-thirds, 71 percent, would like to see the U.S. Supreme Court end the legal wrangling. Just 24 percent like the status quo.

Barring a surprise overturning of marriage equality in 33 states by the US Supreme Court, the fight IS over in Indiana.

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60% in Hong Kong Back LGBT Protections

Monday, November 10th, 2014

titleA new survey in Hong Kong showed a high level of support for protections for the LGBT community.

Gay Star News reports:

The paper, published by the Centre for Comparative and Public Law at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), comes two weeks after a three-month public consultation on the city’s anti-discrimination laws. ‘Our survey found that a majority of Hong Kong people hold generally favorable views of gays and lesbians, and a majority support enacting legislation to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation. Only 20% of the public said that they disagree with such legislation,’ the report said.

An overwhelming majority of respondents, 83 per cent, said parents should love their children regardless of their sexual orientation. In contrast, only 16 per cent of respondents said that their acceptance of an individual was affected by the individual’s sexual orientation and 28 per cent said gays and lesbians were immoral.

Of course, Hong Kong is one of the most liberal parts of China, having been under British rule until 1997. But still, it’s an encouraging sign.

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Taiwan Poll: 68% Back Marriage Equality

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Taiwan - Google MapsIn another poll surprise, an unexpectedly high number of people in Taiwan back marriage equality.

Gay Star News reports:

A poll released today found that 67.5% of Taiwanese people support the legalization of gay marriage. Pollster Online Survey polled 1,660 respondents aged 13 and above via mobile phone and email on 30 October. It followed the previous week’s Taiwan Pride parade, which drew 70,000 people on to the streets to demand marriage equality.

That’s up from 54% last year – will the legislature finally start to move on the marriage equality bill?

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New Poll Shows 43% in Ohio Support Marriage Equality Referendum

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

titleThere’s a new marriage equality poll out in Ohio, asking Ohioans if they support or oppose a proposed referendum to legalize marriage equality.

The Columbus Dispatch reports:

By 3 percentage points — 46 to 43 percent — they oppose a gay-marriage proposal currently getting signatures to appear on the statewide ballot, probably in two years. Of course, that’s still a huge turnaround for a state that a decade ago voted 62 to 38 percent to define marriage in the Ohio Constitution as solely between one man and one woman. And the poll was taken of likely voters for today’s election, which many Democrats are skipping. Ohio’s electorate could be far different in 2016, a presidential election year.

The biggest qualifier of all is that the U.S. Supreme Court may make the Ohio petition drive moot by ruling on the constitutionality of gay marriage before it ever gets on the ballot. The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Cincinnati, currently is mulling cases from Ohio and three other states. Many experts say the ruling by that three-judge panel — especially if it upholds restrictions on same-sex marriage — could set the stage for definitive action by the Supreme Court.

The last poll we had showed 50% support for marriage equality in the state. Of course, this one is slightly different, asking for support for an initiative to repeal the state’s ban. It doesn’t tell us if some of those are opposed because they don’t think that rights should be voted on at all.

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New US Poll: 55% Think LGBT Employment Protections Should Cover All Employers

Friday, October 31st, 2014

titleA new poll shows that a majority of Americans believe LGBT protections should cover all employers:

SDGLN reports:

Twenty years after its introduction, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) is still being debated in Congress and across the United States. While most Americans continue to give the bill strong support, a new national survey shows that most Americans simply don’t believe that employer exemptions are justified when it comes to basic workplace safeguards for LGBT Americans. Slightly over half (55%) of all adults don’t believe that any employers should be exempt if federal law were expanded to include protection from job discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. When asked specifically, some Americans do agree with certain exemptions. The latest survey shows 35% of all adults believe churches or other houses of worship should be exempt, and 30% believe privately held businesses with owners citing religious beliefs should be exempt. Also, 21% of adults believe publicly held businesses citing religious beliefs should be exempt, and 19% believe small businesses generally should be exempt.

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Texas Poll Skewed By Polling Company

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

titleEven though not a single state has passed a civil unions bill in years and years, and the prospects of another state passing a civil unions bill are slim to none – at this point it’s marriage equality or nothing – some polling companies insist on continuing to ask about support for these skim milk marriages, diluting support for marriage equality in the poll numbers by giving respondents an out.

Case in point – Texas, in a University of Texas / Texas Tribune poll:

Asked whether those couples should be allowed to marry, 42 percent say yes and 47 percent say no, the poll found. When civil unions are added to the question, voters are more permissive: 39 percent say they would allow marriage, 28 percent would allow civil unions and 25 percent say they would not allow either sort of formal bond.

Look how support for marriage equality actually drops 2 points when civil unions are added to the mix. Not to mention this poll shows a much lower level of support than an April poll at 48% support.

When will these polling companies finally give up the whole civil unions thing?

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75% of Young Catholics in the US Support Marriage Equality

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

titleIn the wake of a conservative Bishop revolt over even saying one nice thing about gays and lesbians, there’s a new poll out.

Pink News reports:

A poll has found that young Catholics in the US overwhelmingly approve of homosexuality and same-sex marriage, despite the Church’s teachings. The Pew Research Centre research, conducted earlier this year, found that 85 percent of Catholics aged 18-29 approve of homosexuality, while 75 percent support equal marriage. A majority of every single age group accepted homosexuality, with the lowest support among over-65s – 57 percent of whom still approve of it.

How long until some of these youth get into Church leadership and start changing minds?

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