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A Little Good News

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In light of the stunning retirement of Justice Kennedy from the US Supreme Court and all that may mean for queer rights in the US over the next two decades, I thought it was important to share a few good news stories:

Philippines Supreme Court Justice Says Same-Sex Civil Union is Constitutional
In the second week of a historic hearing on same-sex marriage in the Philippines, one of Supreme Court Justices admitted civil unions were constitutional. Acting Chief Justice Antonio Carpio made the comments this week during a petition to legalize same-sex marriage.

Could Cuba ‘Open Doors’ to Make Same-Sex Marriage Legal?
The daughter of Cuba’s former president said the time was right to recognize same-sex marriage in the Caribbean nation. Mariela Castro Espin is the daughter of former President Raul Castro and niece of Cuban revolutionary and former President Fidel Castro.

Czech Government Backs Same-Sex Marriage Bill
Czech Republic just introduced a draft law to legalize same-sex marriage today (22 June). According to iDNES, Lucie Zachariáš, the lawyer representing the campaign for marriage equality in Czech Republic said on the government’s decision: “We are happy that the government has consistently spoken about the proposal to change the Civil Code and promote marriage for gays and lesbians. It is practically the whole of Western Europe, and we have the chance to be the first post-communist country to take it.”

Japan Will Help Trans People Pay for Gender-Affirming Surgery
Trans and gender diverse people in Japan are slowly getting more support from the government through social security. Trans people are now able to update their names on health insurance cards. But for some people they are even eligible to get financial support for gender affirming surgery.

Landmark Ruling for All Same-Sex Married Couples in European Union
Two husbands have won their fight to have their marriage recognized in Romania for the purposes of freedom of movement. In doing so, they have set a precedent for all European Union (EU) same-sex married couples who wish to relocate to other parts of the EU. Romania does not have same-sex marriage or civil unions. It also does not recognize the marriages of gay citizens who marry abroad.

Chile Supreme Court Issues Transgender Rights Ruling
The Chilean Supreme Court ruled a transgender person can change their name and gender at a registrar without surgery. The Associated Press reported the 4-1 decision overturns a ruling from an appellate court in the country’s capital of Santiago.

So take heart. There is still progress.

Author: Scott Coatsworth