Sheldon, Romney in UnHoly Alliance in Iowa

Written by scott on January 2nd, 2008

Well, here I am on day two of my campaign to bring gay marriage to the masses.  Or at least to deflate, if only just a little, the seven-headed monster the Christian right have tried so hard to create from the cute little love monkey that is gay marriage.

I just read the great news – Lou Sheldon, the head of the Traditional Values Coalition, is in Iowa stumping for Mitt Romney – thanks to blogger Carla Marinucci for bringing this to my attention.
In case you don’t remember him, Sheldon is the nasty bit of work from California who never met a gay man, domestic partner law, or hate crimes bill he didn’t want to shred into little pieces.  Oh, and he’s also also fervently against gambling, as any Christian leader worth his salt should be.
He’s so opposed to gambling, in fact, that he recently lobbied against a bill that would have decreased online gambling, according to Marinucci.  Yes, you read that right – he lobbied against an anti gambling bill.  It’s amazing how quickly a $25k check from Jack Abramoff change your mind.  Hmm… there’s an idea – do you think if we get the HRC to come up with $25,000 to give to Sheldon, he’ll lobby for us to get gay marriage passed at the national level?  Just a thought.
But in all fairness, I do have to give Romney credit here for bringing Sheldon into his campaign.  Gay marriage is the one issue where he’s been remarkably consistent, at least for the last coupla years (unlike on the abortion issue, for instance).  His fans may remember his attempt to get the Massachusets state legislature to give him remarkable powers to override the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on gay marriage.  And when the Massachusetts legislature wouldn’t vote on the ant-gay marriage amendment to block the SJC’s decision, he asked the court to force the issue.  They declined.
Hmmmm… a politician from the Republican Party who keeps changing the rules of government to get what he wants – where have we seen this act before?
Sadly, this is just another re-run of the out-of-touch leadership of the GOP, once again pandering to their ever-thinning slice of the American Pie.
And here’s what makes me happy about all this – as long as they cling to these outmoded views, The Rebublican Party will continue to lose ground among the American Electorate.  Unless (and until) they wake up and smell the decaf-no whip-lowfat-raspberry-mocha of this new Morning in America (borrowed unapologetically).
Because gay and lesbian couples are not the big, scary monsters the Republican Party wants you to believe – and the truth has a funny way of coming out in the end.
Pun intended.

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