Awesome You Tube Video – Why Gays Should Care About Gay Marriage

Written by scott on August 22nd, 2010


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  1. Rosie says:

    Funny, insightful and very well done.

  2. Marlena Machol says:

    You know, I never thought I would fall in love and want to get married again…until I did. I wonder how they would feel if their right to vote were taken away. Just because you don’t exercise a right doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to, if and when you decide. I wonder also if they realize that there are over one thousand rights (and responsibilities) that are obtainable only through marriage? You can pay thousands to a lawyer and scrap together some meager protections as a couple, but those rights are available to straight couples included in the cost of their marriage license. Civil unions and domestic partnerships can get some rights, which vary according to state laws and are available only within those states where couples are registered. But federal benefits — if you want to leave your Social Security benefits to your partner (and you earned those benefits), if you want the ability to collect your partner’s government pension or death benefits or military housing or to adopt your partners children (or make sure your own children have legally two parents responsible for them and they can stay with your partner if you die) or a long list of other benefits — you have to be married. Not fair, yes, but reality. Our son, Tony, finally got to marry Christopher but they had to wait fifteen years. In the meantime, our daughter, Elizabeth, died and she never got to be at her beloved brother’s wedding. I knew a couple together 31 years; one of them died before they even had the option of going to another state to be married. The fact that GLBT couples pay more than their share of the taxes but have to go begging for the rights and benefits that the ignorant bigots enjoy just galls me. The political power of people who are as dumb as dirt is wrecking this country.

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