Washington, USA: A Mother, A Son, and Marriage Equality

Written by scott on July 22nd, 2012

Gay Wedding Expo in Washington, DCIt’s safe to say most mothers of sons look forward to dancing at their boy’s wedding. This is thematic fodder for many a storyline in romantic comedies, not the least of which is Debbie Reynolds’ plea to Kevin Kline in Paul Rudnick’s 1997 film In and Out: “We love you no matter what… as long as you get married. I need this wedding. I need some music, and some beauty, and some place cards before I die.”

The Rev. Melody Young wants to do much more than dance at her son Nathan’s as yet unscheduled and unplanned wedding – she’s looking forward to the day when she performs the ceremony. As a teaching elder (our term for minister) in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Melody is licensed to perform weddings in her home state of Washington, and authorized by our Book of Order to preside over worship and legally solemnize marriages.

Unless she wants to marry Nathan off to some charming future son-in-law.

Authored By Patrick Evans – See the Full Story at The Washington Post

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