Buzzfeed Interviews NOM’s Brian Brown

Written by scott on November 4th, 2012

Buzzfeed Interviews National Organization for Marriage's Brian BrownMitt Romney has spent virtually no time this year talking about his opposition to same-sex couples’ marriage rights, which face key tests in four state ballot measures Tuesday. But the leader of the national fight to, as he would put it, protect traditional marriage said he sees Romney’s election as an important part of that fight — and Romney as a steadfast ally in that cause.

“Mitt Romney supports marriage as the union of a man and a woman,” the president of the National Organization for Marriage, Brian Brown, told BuzzFeed Friday. Brown recalled the aftermath of the Massachusetts Supreme Court’s 2004 ruling to include gays and lesbians in civil marriage. “He was very strong, he spoke at rallies, he was strong the whole way through.”

Now Brown heads into Election Day with as much at stake as any conservative besides, perhaps, Romney himself. Brown heads the nation’s largest organization that seeks to stand, as many on both sides of the political spectrum see it, in the way of history, yelling, “Stop.”

Authored By Chris Geidner – See the Full Story at Buzzfeed

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