Maryland, USA: Behind the Scenes on Election Day

Written by scott on November 13th, 2012

Marriage Equality Behind the Scenes on Election Day in MarylandOn Election Day I had the privilege of volunteering for Marylanders for Marriage Equality’s “Yes on Question 6” campaign. It was a day full of frustration but also excitement. I spent seven hours at Bells Mill Elementary School, in my hometown of Potomac, talking to voters about why they should vote for equality.

Some of the voters I talked to were outright bigoted. One man voting against Question 6 asked me if I was gay, and when I responded affirmatively, he told me, “That’s fine, but you’re not the same.” One can only assume he meant “not the same as straight people.” Another woman, a volunteer for the anti-Question-6 campaign, was friendly, but her arguments were stale and cold.

As people passed by, she told them, “Voting against 6 isn’t about discrimination; it’s about protecting the sanctity of marriage.” I could barely hold my tongue, but I wanted to make the best possible impression on voters.

Authored By Matt Adler – See the Full Story at the Huffington Post

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