Maryland, USA: Shooting Same Sex Weddings “Awkward”, Photographer Says

Written by scott on December 27th, 2012

Shooting Same Sex Weddings "Awkward", Maryland Photographer SaysSame-sex marriage becomes legal in Maryland next week, and oh it’s going to take some getting used to. How about the horror of having to photograph two men or two women for a wedding ceremony. Apparently one anonymous photog has a professional problem with the aesthetics of it:

“John Zito, president of the Maryland Wedding Professionals Association, said he knows of a wedding photographer who “didn’t feel comfortable” taking same-sex couples’ photos because he was unaccustomed to posing two grooms or two brides together. Zito would not identify the photographer.

“I’m a photographer by trade myself, and I’ve done a couple of commitment ceremonies, and it is kind of awkward,” Zito said. “When you have two men, I don’t know how to pose them, and this person didn’t know how to provide them the same services [as he would provide straight couples] if they didn’t know how to pose them.”

Authored By Pam Spaulding – See the Full Story at Pam’s House Blend

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  1. Paige Schmidt says:

    The actual comment went something like this, ” awkward when you are in a new situation and you want to do it right, and don’t know if there is something you are missing.”

  2. William McBain says:

    Why dosn’t Zito and the 2nd Photographer just be honest and admit that they are homophobes.

    They are certainly not professional photographers

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