Should Bisexuals Forego Marriage Until Everyone Can Marry?

Written by scott on December 20th, 2012

Should Bisexuals Forego Marriage Until Everyone Can Marry?This is the first in an ongoing conversation between two bisexual activists. A.J. Walkley and Lauren Michelle Kinsey are both monogamous, bisexual, cisgender females who are in long-term relationships. A.J. is in a relationship with a cisgender male, and Lauren is in a relationship with a cisgender female. Both A.J. and Lauren are committed to remaining visible as bisexuals in spite of society’s tendency to want to label A.J. as heterosexual and Lauren as a lesbian. Together they came up with the idea for “Bi the Bi: Two Bi Writers on Big Bi Issues” as a way to help eliminate stereotypes and bias against people in the bisexual community.

Question: Should bisexual people in the United States who are in opposite-sex relationships forego marriage until all people have the right to marry the person they love?

A.J.: I have thought long and hard about this question as the relationship I am currently in has gotten more serious and long-term. I am in an opposite-sex relationship with a cisgender male going on four years now. Marriage is a subject that is never far from our minds, nor my mother’s, for that matter. For many it seems like the next logical step for us to take. I live in Arizona, and I keep thinking about what that would mean if, instead of my boyfriend, I was in a same-sex relationship. If marriage was something we both wanted, it wouldn’t matter: We couldn’t get married, period. I am a staunch supporter of marriage equality for all, and no matter who I am with at a given point, a large part of me feels like I should not enter into the institution of marriage until everyone is allowed. I don’t intend to speak for all bisexual people, but for me personally, I think I would feel a little guilty if I were to get married right now.

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