Washington, USA: Archbishop’s Statement Proves Marriage Equality Doesn’t Need to Impact Religious Freedom

Written by scott on December 17th, 2012

Washington Archbishop's Statement Proves Marriage Equality Doesn't Need to Impact Religious FreedomIn the wake of Washington state voters approving the state’s new civil marriage and religious freedom law, which allows same-sex couples to marry, Archbishop J. Peter Sartain has summarized archdiocesan policy regarding same-sex marriage.

Appropriately, these prohibitions are based on canon law, which Sartain quotes at length to explain the policy. But then Sartain goes on to cite numerous sections of Washington state civil law (Revised Code of Washington, or RCW) to assure archdiocese employees that civil law supports their right to follow these points of canon law. The RCW was heavily amended by the new marriage law to include the extensive religious freedom assurances that Sartain is taking comfort in.

By citing the religious freedom sections of the RCW as amended by Washington’s new marriage law, Archbishop Sartain is assuring the faithful that such claims are baseless.

Authored By Laurel Ramseyer – See the Full Story at Pam’s House Blend

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