Colorado, USA: Anti Gay Group Wants Marriage Equality Ban on Ballot; Teen Proposes Marriage Equality Initiative

Written by scott on January 31st, 2013

ColoradoGay rights opponents are proposing putting a constitutional ban on marriage equality before Colorado voters, 9 News says:

Opponents of civil unions have repeatedly stated that they prefer to have the issue of rights for gay couples decided by a vote of the people. “We have said this all along,” said Rep. Amy Stephens (R-Monument). “That’s the proper place for it. I really do believe that. The people spoke in ’06. It should go back to the people.”

However, no action has been taken yet to put such a measure on the ballot, and 2014 is the soonest it could reach voters, which a poll in April showed supported marriage equality 53% to 40%:

The proposed ballot question is not yet ready to be circulated for signatures. The legislature’s staff will hold a meeting to examine the question on February 11.

But in more heartening news, a Colorado teenager has proposed changing the state constitution to explicitly allow marriage equality, as Towleroad reports:

Colorado teen Zofie Mandelski has filed a ballot proposal to amend Colorado’s constitution, the Denver Post reports: She filed the proposal Monday with the nonpartisan Legislative Council, the first of many steps in getting an issue on the ballot.

It’s the younger generation who will get us across the finish line.


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