Colorado, USA: GOP Missed Out on Chance for Civil Unions Compromise; ADF Now Complains About Bill

Written by scott on January 27th, 2013

ColoradoDominic Dezzutti makes an interesting point over at CBS Denver – that the GOP may have missed the boat on crafting a civil unions compromise more friendly to religious wedding vendors by pursuing an all-or-nothing strategy in 2012:

To some die hard social conservatives, the GOP leaders that stopped the Civil Unions bill from passing in 2012 and in previous legislative sessions may have seemed heroic. However, an examination of this year’s version of the Civil Unions bill, the one that will become law very soon, will show that for social conservative viewpoints, those same GOP leaders, by refusing to compromise sooner, sold them down the river.

His point:

My point is that if GOP leaders could have been more savvy about the inevitability of Civil Unions, they could have worked harder to pass a version of the bill with amendments that they would have liked to have seen, rather than sticking to their guns and seeing a version of the bill that they dislike on many levels get rammed straight down their throats this year.

In uncannily related news, Arizona’s Alliance Defense Fnd, a legal group set up solely to fight gay rights and marriage equality in court around the world, is complaining that the bill doesn’t protect Christians – something they could have had in the bill if they had come to the table in 2012. Oh the irony. From On Top Magazine:

The measure “proposes nothing to ensure that the government does not penalize, withhold benefits from, or refuse to contract with clergy, a religious institution, or a religious organization, not to mention individuals and businesses that possess sincere religious beliefs about sexual unions and/or the importance of both mothers and fathers to families,” Fiedorek said.

Better luck next time.


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