Tennessee, USA: Nashville Club Staffer Fired for Wearing Marriage Equality T-Shirt

Written by scott on January 22nd, 2013

Tennessee Man FiredWe usually think of rock clubs as anything-goes kind of places, but the owners of Nashville’s Rocketown won’t let endorsing marriage equality slide.

According to Hostage Calm guitarist Chris “Cmar” Martin, a friend of the band, Wes Breedwell, was fired from his job at Rocketown for wearing Hostage Calm’s “I Support Same-Sex Marriage” tee shirt.

What I heard from him was a long pattern of discrimination against him for not being Christian and for supporting marriage equality.

Authored By Dan Avery – See the Full Story at Queerty

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  1. Jay isaacs says:

    Thank you Wes for not conforming to what other think you should do, wear, or be. Our community thanks you and others like you for standing up for equality. Shame on any “public” business for thinking they can refuse sevice or employement based on ones sexuality or beliefs. Doesn’t matter if your straight, bi, or gay. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

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