Australia: Intersex Included in Anti Discrimination Bill; Conservative Does About-Face on Marriage Equality

Written by scott on February 21st, 2013

Sydney, Australia Opera HouseA couple great new stories from Australia on LGBT rights. First-off, a draft anti-discrimination bill will include intersex citizens as a protected identity, Gay Star News reports:

‘The committee recognizes that intersex individuals are often the subject of discrimination in public life, and that as such there is a need for protection on the basis of intersex status in Commonwealth anti-discrimination law,’ said the report published today. The report said the committee agreed with campaigners that ‘intersex is a matter of biology rather than gender identity,’ so protection from discrimination was not covered by the definition of gender identity in the draft bill.

And Gay Star News also reports that a prominent conservative has done an about-face on gay marriage:

Lawyer John Heard writes that the separation between religious marriage and civil marriage in Australia means that ‘traditional’ marriage is not as risk from proposals to allow same-sex marriage. ‘It just clicked,’ Heard wrote. ‘What I actually meant when I described marriage was Catholic marriage: a sacrament. That will not change with careful reform of the Marriage Act to allow for same-sex civil marriage.’

If only more conservatives would have this particular lightbulb go off above their heads…


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