Ohio, USA: Marriage Equality Activists Rally; NFL Player Endorses Marriage Ban Repeal

Written by scott on February 17th, 2013

OhioThings are on the move for marriage equality in Ohio. First, as part of a national series of rallies for gay marriage, Ohio marriage equality activists held a rally in Columbus to hilight their drive to repeal the state’s defense of marriage act in the state constitution. As On Top Magazine reports:

The 3-hour rally took place outside the Franklin County Courthouse on High Street which houses, among other departments, the county’s marriage license bureau. Some demonstrators took their protest to the marriage license department. An effort to repeal the state’s 2004 voter-approved constitutional amendment limiting marriage to heterosexual couples and legalize gay nuptials in Ohio began last year by the group Freedom to Marry Ohio. The group must collect roughly 385,000 valid signatures by July to qualify for this November’s ballot.

And in related news, NFL Player Simon Fraser supports the campaign to repeal the discriminatory amendment:

“Now is the time to end marriage discrimination in Ohio,” Fraser said. “Among great American traditions are: equal treatment under the law and religious freedom for all. These principles do not conflict, but exist in harmony. This amendment respects a religion’s right to recognize or not recognize marriages while putting all Ohioans on equal footing. I support the Amendment and ask my fellow Ohioans to do the same.”

One step at a time.

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