Marriage Equality at CPAC

Written by scott on March 15th, 2013

CPAC 2013 LogoThe DC conservative festival called CPAC is in full swing in DC this week, and, unsurprisingly, it’s generating news about the GOP and gay marriage.

This morning, we had Senator Marco Rubio’s assertion that his opposition to marriage equality didn’t make him a bigot.

Now we hear that wingnut Representative Louie Gohmert says gay marriage will destroy the country. On Top Magazine reports: when you look historically, you see the nuclear family home – mother, father, children – break down, you see society break down, and you see a society, and a civilization in decline. All under the guise, under the name of advancement but it’s normally on the road to the dust bin of history.” “How is gay marriage contributing to that?” Signorile asked.
“You’re breaking up the nuclear family – a man, a woman and children. It’s hard to argue with the fact that biologically that’s what nature intended or we would never have had a second generation on his Earth.”

And the New Yorker reports that conservative political scientist Charles Murray dumped his prepared speech to ask CPAC conference goers to drop their objections to abortion and marriage equality:

The question on his mind was “How can conservatives make their case after the election?,” and the answer he wanted to share was drawn from his experience with his own four children. They range in age, he said, from twenty-three to forty-three. While they share many of his views on limiting the size of government, and supporting free enterprise, he said, “Not one of them thought of voting for a Republican President” in the last election. Their disenchantment with the Republican Party was not specifically because of Mitt Romney, he added, but because, “They consider the Party to be run by anti-abortion, anti-gay, religious nuts.” “With gay marriage,” he went on, “I think the train has left the station.”

In other CPAC news, Queerty reports on the pro gay panel “A Rainbow on the Right,” and the competing anti-gay panel hosted by NOM:

…a group calling itself Competitive Enterprise Institute was able to get approval for the LGBT-rights panel “A Rainbow on the Right,” held Wednesday night. At the well attended event, an emotional Jimmy LaSalvia told the crowd, “This room is the future of the GOP.”

At the NOM event? Crickets:

Buzzfeed’s Chris Geidner snuck over to a panel run by the National Organization For Marriage, where he tweeted there was “lots of room.” Apparently NOM Brian Brown, Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro and anti-gay activist Cleta Mitchell just aren’t the draw they used to be.

But not everyone is jumping on the marriage equality bandwagon at CPAC, as Think Progress reports:

ThinkProgress spoke with 10 attendees about the Ohio Senator’s announcement this week that he was reversing course and backing marriage equality after his own son came out of the closet. Every person we spoke with opposed same-sex marriage, and many had harsh words for Portman. “Horrible!” said Tony Mele, an 88-year-old woman from New Jersey, of Portman’s decision. When told he did so because of his gay son, she responded, “That’s his fault! He gets no sympathy from me.”


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