Ohio, USA: Traditional Values Coalition Likens Senator Portman’s Gay Son to a Drunk Driver

Written by scott on March 16th, 2013

Ohio Senator Rob PortmanYesterday, Ohio Senator Rob Portman shocked the conservative world by coming out for marriage equality after his son came out to him as gay. Reaction has been swift and at times fierce, and now the lovely folks at the Traditional Values Coalition are jumping on the bandwagon. Pink News reports:

Now, Andrea Lafferty of the California based Traditional Values Coalition has compared Mr Portman’s support of his son to her supporting her son’s drink driving.

Part of her letter mocking the Senator:

Earlier this week one of my children came to me and told me something which was shocking. He is a drunk driver and has been driving drunk regularly since college. I have taken several days to reflect on this and I gave decided to reverse my earlier opposition to drunk driving. My child is a drunk driver and I love him. It is a part of his identity, who he is.”

Yes, because deciding to drink too much alcohol and drive is exactly the same as being born gay and wanting to marry your partner. Classy, Mc. Lafferty.

On a related note, Politico believes that the GOP consultant class is solidly behind marriage equality now:

But the GOP’s professional elite is way past that point. In Washington D.C., it is probably more acceptable to favor gay marriage as a Republican consultant than to oppose it. The result is a Republican leadership class that’s sharply at odds, culturally, with the voters their party aims to lead. A vivid illustration came just a few weeks ago, when in late February a throng of top Republican politicos signed an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to support a constitutional right to gay marriage. Among them were a half-dozen senior aides to Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, which officially took the view that marriage is exclusively between one man and one woman.

We now have the first ever sitting GOP Senator supporting marriage equality. Who will be next?

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