DC Comics Introduces Transgender Character

Written by scott on April 11th, 2013

6a00d8341c730253ef017c3886d8c1970b-500wiDC Comics is introducing a transgender character to its Batgirl comic. Towleroad.com reports:

DC Comics this week announced the introduction of Alysia Yeoh in Batgirl #16, who announces she is transgender in a conversation with her roommate Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl), Wired reports: Taking care to distinguish Yeoh’s sexual orientation from her gender identity, Batgirl writer Gail Simone noted that the character is also bisexual. Simone attributed the inspiration for the character to a conversation she had with fellow comic book writer Greg Rucka several years ago at the Wondercon convention, after a fan asked why there were fewer gay male superheroes than lesbian ones. Rucka, who co-created (and rebooted) Batwoman as a lesbian character, replied that it would be a real sign of change for a gay male character to appear on a comic book cover — and an even bigger step for a transgender character to do the same.

Inclusion often starts in pop-culture, so this is a great step in recognition of our transgender brothers and sisters.


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