France: Anti-Gay Activists Threaten Violence If Marriage Equality Bill Becomes Law

Written by scott on April 14th, 2013

ParisFrigide Barjot, French comic and head of the anti-gay marriage movement in France, has threatened violence if the socialist government makes marriage equality law of the land. LGBTQ Nation reports:

“This is a disgrace. The French people don’t want this law, and what do they do? They speed up its passage. (French President Francois) Hollande wants blood, and he will get it,” Barjot was quoted as saying by France’s TF1, adding “We live in a dictatorship. The President of the Republic has guillotined us.”

Centre-right UMP deputy Christian Jacob joined the fray, saying in a statement that by accelerating the bill’s now almost certain passage into law, “the President of the Republic is risking a violent confrontation with the French people.”

Fellow UMP deputy Hervé Mariton denounced the move as “an incitement to civil war.”

Anyone else remember Sharon Angle and her “Second Amendment remedies” here in the US?

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  1. Master Adrian says:

    What an utter ridiculous statement of that COMIC!

    IF something has been agreed on by majority of the representatives, up-speeded or not, who is he and his fellow bigots to deny the People the right coming from that decision?

    Taking about a dictatorship…
    Were the majority decides it is a democracy, but that will be something that COMIC will probably not understand.. the principles of democracy!

    In his limited brain-capacity a democracy is just the opposite.. the minority decides……..
    How is it possible that some people become celebs even when they are just simply brainless?
    (or is it perhaps needed to be brainless to become a celeb?)

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