Iowa, USA: Secretary of State Wants Voter ID Law to Help Repeal Marriage Equality

Written by scott on April 17th, 2013

Iowa Secretary of State Matt SchultzThey’re not even bothering to hide it anymore. Another republican, Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz, admits voter id laws have nothing to do with protecting the vote. Think Progress reports:

Matt Schultz (R), elected in the Tea Party wave of 2010, spoke at length about his support for implementing voter ID in a speech before the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition on Monday. In the process he accused the other side of cheating in order to win elections, but provided no evidence to back up this claim: SCHULTZ: There are a whole lot of issues that we care about, abortion, gay marriage, a whole lot of social issues that we care deeply about. But you have to start caring about voter ID and election integrity as well, because if you don’t have that, you’ll never be able to make a difference in any other issue you care about. Never. Because they will cheat! They’ll cheat. And we need to make sure we stop them. So what do I need you to do? I need you start telling your friends and neighbors that you love voter ID. You love voter ID.

Yes, it’s the democrats who cheat at elections. Which is why the GOP has to keep adding new restrictions to remain a viable party.


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  1. Arturo Schulltz says:

    I would hope that peplum who TRULY believe in FREEDOM will repost in Iowa and drive people like this from office. These people CLAIM the are for personal freedoms, but only if it suits their ruling class agenda.

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