Italy: Archbishop in Vatican Open to Civil Unions For Gay and Lesbian Couples

Written by scott on April 21st, 2013

Italy: VaticanPope John Paul II’s liturgical master of ceremonies, Archbishop Piero Marini, has signaled that the Vatican should be open to civil unions for same-sex couples. The National Catholic Reporter has the details:

During a Vatican news conference on Feb. 4, Paglia said that while the church is opposed to anything that treats other unions as equivalent to marriage between a man and a woman, it could accept “private law solutions” for protecting people’s rights. In some quarters that comment was styled as undercutting bishops in both France and the United States who at the time were fighting off proposals for gay marriage, though Paglia insisted it’s not what he meant. The Marini comments may also reawaken interest in the new pope’s history on the issue.

As we’ve reported before, the new Pope had supported civil unions in Argentina as a way to forestall full marriage equality there.

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  1. Arturo Schultz says:

    An Archbishop INSIDE of the Vatican would not be ” floating this trial balloon without permission from higher up which indicates ‘ someones getting nervous’

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