Kansas, USA: Salina Mayor Joins Mayors for the Freedom to Marry

Written by scott on April 25th, 2013

Salina, Kansas Mayor Barb ShirleyThe Mayor of Salina, Kansas, Barb Shirley, just became the first mayor in the whole state to join a group of Mayors for marriage equality. The Kansas City Star reports:

“I have zero tolerance for any discrimination,” Shirley said Wednesday. “As a mother, wife and community leader, I want people to know that no matter who you are, you are loved and deserving. I want all people to have the same civil rights. United we stand, divided we fall, so I, Barb Shirley, stand for gay rights.” Shirley, Vice Mayor Aaron Householter and Commissioner Kaye Crawford helped pass Salina’s protections from discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations based on gender identity and sexual orientation last year.

The ordinance was later repealed in a public vote. Any other Kansas mayors wanna step up for equality?

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