Macedonia: Gay-Rights Activists Attacked

Written by scott on April 22nd, 2013

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A group of gay-rights activists marching through the city of Bitola were brutally attacked on Saturday. Gay Star News reports:

The assault happened on Saturday (20 April) and came shortly after members of the groups marched through Sirok Sokak Street carrying banners and posting posters displaying messages about the human rights of LGBT people as well a rainbow flag. When the groups left the street right in front of Hostel Diamond, activists were attacked by four people while three other later arrived to assist them in the assault. During the assault three activists were verbally abused, shoved and spat on while their banners and posters were ripped out of their hands only to be used as weapons to hit them on their head and faces.

Macedonia is not a very gay friendly place – as recent as 2010, there was a push to ban gay marriage in the country’s constitution. We applaud these brave protesters for standing up for their rights even in the face of violence.


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