Minnesota, USA: Four Political Parties Support Marriage Equality Bill

Written by scott on April 11th, 2013

MinnesotaLeaders of four political parties in Minnesota have lined up in support of the state’s pending marriage equality bill. The Minnesota Star-Tribuje reports:

“This is about what kind of state we want for the future,” Ken Martin, chair of Minnesota’s DFL Party, said Wednesday. “What kind of statement do we want to make when a whole swath of society is treated like second-class citizens? We know the freedom to marry is a critical step to a better Minnesota.”… Along with Martin, the event drew leaders of the Independence, Libertarian and Green parties, all of whom expressed strong support for same-sex marriage and rejected a compromise proposal to allow civil unions for same-sex couples.

The issue will likely be decided along partisan lines, and the vote right now is too close to call.

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