UK: Gay Activist, Church of England Head Discuss Gay Rights, Marriage Equality

Written by scott on April 18th, 2013

UK ChurchThe Archbishop of Canterbury and gay activist Peter Tatchell met to talk about gay rights and gay marriage. SDGLN reports:

“Archbishop Welby is clearly struggling to reconcile his support for loving, stable same-sex relationships with his opposition to same-sex marriage. I got the impression that he wants to support gay equality but feels bound by church tradition. He accepts that discrimination is not a Christian value but can’t bring himself to state publicly that banning gay couples from getting married is discrimination and wrong,” Tatchell said.

“The Archbishop told me ‘gay people are not intrinsically different from straight people’ but there is an ‘intrinsic difference in the nature of same-sex relationships’ and this is a sufficient reason to deny gay couples the right to marry, even in civil ceremonies in register offices. When pressed to say why this ‘intrinsic difference’ justified banning same-sex marriage he merely replied: ‘They are just different,'” Tatchell said.

Because our opponents can’t explain it. They feel so deeply in their hearts that it must be different, but when pressed, they can never say why.

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