What Marriage Equality Opponents Are Saying 4/26/13

Written by scott on April 26th, 2013

you tube bigWelcome to yet another edition of what our crazy right-wing opponents are saying about marriage equality and gay-rights.

Our friends over on the right wing are always fond of a good “gay marriage will destroy the world” story. Today’s comes from the UK. Gay Star News reports:

Society for the Protection of Unborn Children has sent leaflets to British homes in a way of spreading their anti-gay message. Titled ‘Stop David Cameron destroying Britain’s families’, the group argues legalizing same-sex marriage will have a devastating effect on children. They fear ‘children and teenagers at school will quickly learn about “gay marriage”’ and ‘gay relationships will be promoted to primary school children via storybooks’. ‘Being male or female will be meaningless, if any combination can get married,’ SPUC says. ‘Marriage will be reduced to gratifying your own personal desires.’

Sounds like they took a page from the National Organization for Marriage’s playbook, doesn’t it? speaking of the National Organization for Marriage, Brian Brown is pissed at the GOP Senators from Rhode Island. Joe.My.God reports:

“The Rhode Island bill does not create a new category of marriage for same-sex couples. Rather, it completely redefines marriage for all people in Rhode Island. For the politicians who refused to let the people of Rhode Island vote on marriage, this is not over! We intend to make sure that every Rhode Islander knows how their policymakers voted on this critical issue. We will hold the politicians accountable for their votes. Republicans, especially, will have to answer for abandoning marriage—a core position of the GOP platform.”

Good luck with that, since the entire Rhode Island GOP Senate caucus voted for the bill. Also in the US, the group Faith 2 Action just-released a crazy video comparing homosexuality to adultery. Queerty has the story:

Bigoted hate group Faith2Action made an incredibly low-budge YouTube video comparing homosexuality to adultery this week, and just as you’d suspect, none of it makes sense. For a group of people that adamantly hate the LGBT community, they sure know how to make a video look super-gay.

And finally, Scott Keyes at Think Progress has a great wrap up of the reasons the GOP thinks it should be legal to fire someone who is gay. My favorite?

2. LGBT people aren’t fired for their orientation in the US. Former Rep. Allen West (R-FL) dismissed the idea of a law making it illegal to fire someone for being gay because, as he explained, it’s not “a big issue” and “that don’t happen out here in the United States of America.”



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