Australia: Tasmania’s Anti Gay Legislators Likely to Retain, Gain Seats in Upper House

Written by scott on May 5th, 2013

Australia MapDespite efforts to remove anti-gay marriage legislators, two seem likely to keep their seats, and a third to gain a seat in the Upper House. Pink News reports:

Jim Wilkinson, a long-term sitting member for Nelson, looked set to be re-elected with 48.8%, and the majority of votes counted. He had held his seat for 18 years, and voted against last year’s equal marriage bill. Wilkinson’s seat had been a target for advocates of equal marriage, and he faced three candidates in favour of it, including Green Party’s Tom Baxter, who received 25.33% of the vote. Liberal Party’s Vanessa Goodwin, with 51.23% of the vote also looked to be re-elected to the Pembroke seat, and looked set to be joined by fellow Liberal Leonie Hiscutt, who gained 45.57% of the vote in the Montgomery seat.

At the moment, marriage equality efforts in Tasmania and across Australia appear to be stalled. What will it take to get them moving again?

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