Italy: Marriage Equality/LGBT Rights Updates

Written by scott on May 15th, 2013

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There’s lots going o in Italy too… after a mayoral candidate in Rome said he would push for recognition of gay and lesbian couples, and the new Prime Minister shut down a national civil unions law, there are several new developments.

First off, some rights have been granted to same sex couples in Italy, but only if they are politicians. Gay Star News reports:

The Italian Camera dei Deputati (the lower chamber of the Parliament) has approved a new rule which extends its politician’s health benefits to their gay partners. Now LGBT ‘deputati’, or members of the parliament (MPs), who pay for their insurance, can have their rights extended to the men or the women they live with. The move was pushed for by gay deputati Ivan Scalfarotto who wanted his own partner protected.

It’s a good start; now how about applying it to everyone else?

In Rome, Dot429 reports that a new campaign has been launched to push for LGBT equality there:

Activists in Rome have launched a campaign to improve LGBT equality in the city, ahead of local elections later this month. The five-point platform asks for commitments from politicians on homophobia and transphobia, equality in service provision, improved LGBT health services, promotion of LGBT culture and events, and also support for tourism and businesses in the community. “The four main candidates running for Mayor subscribed to our platform, plus a number of candidates for the City Council. Overall, the response to our initiative was surprisingly enthusiastic,” Activist Carlo Chiattelli told 429Magazine.

Finally, up in Milan, a court recognized a UK civil partnership for a gay Italian couple. Gay Star News reports:

A local court in Milan has recognized a British civil partnership – the first time Italy has legally recognized a gay union from abroad. Now the civil union between Cristian, a biologist, and Federico, an IT specialist, will be added to the Milan’s Registro delle Unioni Civili, a list of same-sex couples put in place by left-wing mayor Giuliano Pisapia. The decision of the tribunal does not mean that Cristian and Federico’s civil partnership is now recognized by Italy. But, thanks to the Registro, they can now apply for local welfare, local benefits and have their relationship recognized if their partner goes into hospital.

Small steps, all of them. But taken together, they may represent the beginning of a wave of change in Italy. Let’s hope.

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