Minnesota, USA: Today’s Marriage Equality Victory

Written by scott on May 13th, 2013

you tube bigWe watched the marriage equality debate live in the Minnesota Senate, and now we have a few follow-ups for you.

We’ll start with the Senate Leader’s speech on marriage equality, given just before the final vote was taken, brought to us by Joe.My.God:

Joe.My.God also has a great quote from openly gay Senator Scott Dibble:

“Minnesotans, when given a chance, understand that the values that unite us are stronger and so much more important than those that divide us. I am proud to be a Minnesotan today. Today good hard-working Minnesotans playing by the rules, trying to live a good life, contributing in so many ways to their communities will be treated fairly. For thousands of families, life will be better. We will be removing the barriers that they have had to the full joys that life has to offer. In doing so, we strengthen ourselves and we strengthen our democracy. When this is over, we will have left Minnesota a better place. That is why we’re here.”

Over at Towleroad.com, they have a video of the celebration that erupted just after the vote:

A crappy cell phone camera may not be great at capturing images, but it is perfectly capable of transmitting joy.

Over at NOM, Brian Brown predicted the end of the Democratic majority in Minnesota because of the vote. Joe.My.God reports:

Make no mistake, this vote will bring the demise of the DFL majority and end the careers of wayward Republicans in the Legislature once voters have their say. The people of Minnesota did not vote for gay marriage in 2012. They voted to maintain traditional marriage by maintaining the status quo. Our opponents bought a victory by claiming that marriage was not under threat of redefinition, but in fact they always intended to redefine it at the soonest possible moment. Legislators who voted to redefine marriage were foolish to do so. They cast a terrible vote that damages society, tells children they don’t deserve a mother and a father, and brands supporters of traditional marriage as bigots. We predict that this vote will be career ending for many legislators in Minnesota.”

Of course, Brown basically predicted failure for the bills in Minnesota, Delaware, and Illinois a week and a half ago. Lets see if we can prove him wrong in all three states!


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